Our house, in the middle of an expensive street!!
What I 'kneed' to help me walk!!!

We are the knights who say "Knee"!!!

Monday, 14 February 2005 Ah, the magic of Valentine’s Day. In Australia it is basically disappeared!!! Although it is pushed with desperation by commercial outlets. Really it is for teenagers. Real people don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day here. Yesterday was a day of sloth, in a good way!! I watched 3 tapes of catching up : I really like The West Wing and The Dead Zone. I forget how much I like these shows. James Hardie has had a drop in profit of 30% and guess what? It is not their inhumane, greedy, grasping, beyond belief bad treatment of the many people their products killed/are killing/will kill. NO, it is the cost of the ducky little inquiry!! They have spin doctors who are flogging a dead horse. Nothing exciting happening for me. I am off to the doctor to about my sore knee. I am not looking forward to it as I am expecting bad news of some sort. In Hobart it is Regatta Day and Hobart Cup Day and here it is the first day back at school for teachers. I am feeling maudlin today and will, no doubt, feel this way all week. It is depressing as everyone is doing what I would love to be doing, but am unable to – Teaching. I know I plod along being all chirpy and relatively positive, but especially now I remember the thrill of the new year, the excitement of a new class, the nervousness as the day arrives… I shall have a little cry later on , probably after the doctor!! And I will feel a bit better. I have been extra tired. Last night I was asleep around 11 and woke up at 9-30pm, and I expect to have a long nap this afternoon. I am whiling my life away. I intend to sew 8 more seams, albeit long ones, and it will be curtains for the curtains sometime this week. I want to go and see The Incredibles so I hope they are on at least till Wednesday, though I’d prefer to go on Thursday to take my mind off things. Knee update : Well, I have apparently lost my groove!!! My knee cap has come out of its groove and that is what is causing the pain. I have exercises to do, and the worst possible outcome is day key hole surgery, in and out, and they will scrape any gunk from the groove!! This is exceedingly good news and I don’t have anything terribly bad at all. I am amazed that I originally has a groove at all!!! Mini Florentines 120 g sultanas 2 cups corn flakes 60 g flaked almonds 110 g red glace cherries 160 ml condensed milk – sweetened 60 g each of white and dark chocolate Preheat oven to 180 C ( 160 ff) Combine all ingredients and mix well. Drop heaped teaspoons ful, well spaced, onto the trays. Bake 6 minutes. Cool on tray. Melt chocolate and spread ½ the bases with each type. Squiggle with a fork to give that characteristic look.I often use glace ginger, and other fruit, less cornflakes and more almonds, but you can adapt to your own taste. In our climate they are melty, so refrigerate!!


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