We are the knights who say "Knee"!!!
Too many chiefs and not enough commonsense!!

What I 'kneed' to help me walk!!!

Tuesday, 15 February 2005 Well I have hobbled of for a walk and then I did my ‘knee’ exercises and my knee felt a tiny bit better – I know this is all in my mind!! They are, otherwise, placebo exercises!!! An interesting concept. Thus far I have rested all day, read a book, then napped all afternoon. It has been warm again, but not too humid. I still feel tired, but I want to stay up to watch ‘Trevor’s World of Sport’ with Neil Pearson, by the “Drop The Dead Donkey” people. It is not laugh out loud funny, but very witty and clever. I have been given lots of fresh new zucchini and tomatoes from gardens so I am making a zucchini, tomato and red onion sauce to have with some pasta for my tea. Then I will gently poach some pears and make a custard. Yum.Nothing much has happened today : there is more hooha about the Spirit 3, and more rumblings about a Frenchman receiving $25,000 compensation for being put in the Baxter Detention Centre for 3 or 4 days when he was a tourist. Even when they finally allowed him access to the French Embassy,, and the staff confirmed he was who he said he was they wanted him to – wait for it – sing the French national anthem, name some French mountains ad the President to show he was French!! The detention people are showing their incompetence in every facet of their work. Well done!! They are showing us to be one of the most right-wing countries around. Howard has the gall to threaten to invade other Asian countries to ‘root out’ possible terrorism threats, while our Customs and Immigration people can’t tell a tourist from a refugee!!!


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