A week is a long time in politics.....
Sick and tired? NO NO NO !!!! ( well a bit tired!!)

I could write a sonnet, a book with eggs upon it!!!!!

Right, I must be more diligent : I went to Karen’s for tea and we watched Underworld. What a waste of space that film is, and there is a sequel/prequel being filmed. I shan’t bother with that. Then on Friday I went to Karen’s school and gave an ANZAC day talk to the children. Saturday I went to brunch with Karen and Pauline. I had found a pattern for a Davy Crockett hat for James, who is 4, and Pauline is knitting it for him in lieu of a poncho, which she knitted for the three girls. Yesterday I stayed in my pyjamas all day and watched 5 or 6 episodes of Century City. It was neither one thing nor the other : not sci-fi enough and too run-of-the-mill lawyery. WIN TV did their usual thing again last night and we saw an episode of CSI-Miami out of order. It explained a whole lot of things that had been happening for no apparent reason in recent episodes. They TV stations are absolutely hopeless and have no consideration at all for their viewers. That is all really, I am off to hospital again on Tuesday for more tests and appointments and then on Wednesday or Thursday for transfusions. Then I will be taking more Cyclosporin again and I hope to get a little better. At least this time I won’t have to stick a needle into the skin of my stomach for 8 hours every day and pump in drugs to counteract the excess iron from blood transfusions. See, there, is a silver lining to every cloud. I have spent a few happy hours winding new embroidery cottons Pauline bought me onto the bobbins and then reorganising the spreadsheet with all of the colours in order. Such happiness. I am up to the front of the cardigan now, I just have to decide on the pattern I will use : not yarn forward lacy ones, or cables – I think I will use a nice diamond or diagonal one. I want to be up to that for when I spend the 6 to 8 hours in hospital. Oh, and great excitement as I bought a magazine on Ebay that I really needed. I lost the handmade issue with the calico eggs decorated with felt appliqué. There is an oval of black felt and then 12 different appliqués : a dove, a hen, a chick, a sun, stars, bunnies, iris etc. I lent the magazine to someone and they never returned it. I must stop doing that. I made a dozen for Karen, and then everyone else was getting an egg a year until this year when I had no pattern at all. I am very happy and the seller even emailed me a scan of the page!!!!! Now, a recipe for the day ( or the week, I have been so slack) Raspberry Tiramisu for those who don’t like coffee ( sacrilege, I know) 230 ml single ( unthickened) cream 500 g marscapone 1 cup dessert wine 26 savoiardi biscuits 600 g frozen raspberries Whisk cream till soft peaks form and fold through marscapone. Dip both sides of half of the biscuits into the wine and layer the bade of a dish to fit. Spoon half of the cream mixture over and then the raspberries. Dip remaining biscuits, layer onto the berries, cover with the rest of the cream, cover and place in the fridge. This is best made the night before. Dust with Lust Dust ( freeze dried berries!!!!!!) or icing sugar before serving. Where to buy the Lust Dust : https://www.discovertasmania.com/home/product.cfm?productid=9000555&from=All%20Tasmanian%20Attractions


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