Sick and tired? NO NO NO !!!! ( well a bit tired!!)

Knit knit knit wit turn it into a jumper ( Rip Rip woodchip by John Williamson)

There were only 3 of us at sewing last night - and we had a glass of wine and a lovely chat. I have knitted over a ball of wool and the pattern on my cardigan is not quite right : it looks a bit wonky, but there you go, as long as it is consistent it will be fine. I have been to the Library and I am making some comfort food - basic pasta with bolognaise sauce. I am using pork mince as beef is a bit strong. I have been watching Jamie's School Dinners and feeling all teary again as Nora, the dinner lady, is so nice and caring and so dedicated. Jamie is learning to deal with children more effectively too. I am amazed and appalled that British people can't cook. They couldn't cook pasta, rice, a stew : anything at all, at Dinner lady camp. Jamie also saw that the women wouldn't eat the salad and vegetables - the root of all the problems really, families reheat too!!! The Labradors are happy, I am a bit tired but reasonably OK if I keep drinking peppermint tea!!! I have just not recovered form that ultrasound. I am going to cook Karen an apple and berry custard cake. I won't be having any, but she will like it. I am eating very little really, yesterday I had rice and vegetables for tea and an apple. Today I have had some bread and meat and an apple. I must eat more food. When I was sick before I faded away to a mere shadow - no mean feat!!! Toffee Oranges 4 oranges 2 limes 2 tbspn brandy 220 g caster sugar 65 ml water Peel oranges with a knife, following the curve and cutting off all the pith. Slice the base so they sit straight. Slice some lime rind incredibly thinly and place on top or oranges and then pour over the lime juice and brandy. Meanwhile, put water and sugar into a pan over a medium heat and stir till the sugar is dissolved. Then boil without stirring for about 5 minutes until it is golden. Pour over the oranges, and serve with thick yoghurt - though I would like cream or ice-cream and a dusting of icing sugar. I am allergic to oranges but I do cook orange things for other people. They like orange syrup cake too. Oh and orange poppy seed cake.


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