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The house of Iller

Round, like a circle in a swiral !!!!!!

I am endlessly checking my gums like some strange deranged person. Gums and fingernails: the telltale signs of having not enough red blood cells!!! I feel slightly better in the enlarged spleen department today though. We woke up early and the Labradors were so excited we went for an early walk and then I went back home to rest. I have tidied for 210 minutes in the yard again. Peri is petrified of the spade and runs into the garage and hides until the noise of the spade stops. It is very amusing, she has the same reaction to the vacuum cleaner. Harki likes the paving with no leaves and cavorts, though she has sore back legs/hips today. She may have arthritis a. It is not unexpected. I have checked thoroughly for tick but can find none. I can only do one thing a day really now as I have to save my strength. Today I shouldn’t be doing another thing but I am going to Di’s for tea and then home early. I have knitted the band of the back of my cardigan and I am about to start the knitting proper. Here is a recipe Karen really recommends. I made them for her at the weekend and she has eaten them already!!! Swirly Biscuits 180 g butter 220 g caster sugar 1 tspn vanilla extract ( or grated rind of choice) 1 egg 300 g plain flour ½ tspn baking powder ¼ -1/2 cup jam – or anything really, lemon spread, marmalade, choc/nut spread..etc Cream butter, sugar and vanilla, add egg and then sifted dry ingredients. Refrigerate for 15 minutes, then roll out between 2 pieces of non-stick baking paper. Roll into a rectangle about 40-50 cm long. Spread with jam, leaving a 5 cm border along one long edge. Roll up, using the paper to help and refrigerate till really firm. Cut of 1 cm slices, place on a lined tray. These spread a lot so leave space. Bake for 15 minutes at 180 C ( 160 ff)


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