Doctor Who? The Doctor is in !!!!
Luke, I have felt your presents...

And then, and then , and then.......

Today is an ‘and then’ grade 3 story. I walked the Labradors and we met Dr Tim with Nellie and Saskia, And then Peri and Harki were well behaved, And then I went to have a blood test, And then I went to school to get 2 books about Morocco, And then I went to Spotlight to swap 2 lime green balls of wool for grey, Bronty took 1 and a tiny bit of a ball left over from the previously mentioned knitted nativity, I only have to sew Bronty and stuff him/her, And then I went to ACMA’s and sewed her curtains to the adding the header tape stage, And then I cooked muffins with Rolos inside, And then I went to the supermarket, And then I came home and found the bag of potatoes Peri is in lurve with empty of potatoes!! She had taken the potatoes out and just wanted the bag, And then I came inside!!!!!

Bronty had the ‘three needle cast-off’ I have read about it in various places. I was a bit worried, could I do a 3 needle cast-off? I looked in the Readers’ Digest Needlecraft book and found that Yes!! I could. It was so easy, just like real casting off, except you knit through the two stitches on each parallel needle, and then cast off on the right needle as usual. It makes a nice even join at the front of Bronty’s head. I plan on finishing Bronty and making a start on Trice or Mr Stegs. We are all still having a rest from the Fibonacci Jumper. I can recommend the dinosaurs, they seem to work very well and be very cute!!!
There is a wrap knitting pattern in the Australian Stitches magazine that has just arrived – actually there are two, a knitted and a sewn. I wish I liked and could wear wraps. They suit me in the same way a shrug or a bolero doesn’t. Is a shrug the new bolero? What is the difference???
I have kilos of Dutch cream so I fancy potatoes with onion and bacon for tea tonight. I am doing that weird eating-only-two-meals-a-day thing again. Tomorrow I have to go and see the specialist about the whole being ill thing again. I hate being in the waiting room : waiting, waiting, waiting to go in and hear that my numbers are good/bad/confusing. I do feel a bit better, though my spleen is still boogelly , but I am not too pale. Doing the whole Pollyanna Glad Game here….

Only 2 Star Wars Recipes to go now…..
Greedo’s Burritos
425 g tin blackest beans ( kidney will do, but choose your favourite)
1 cup grated cheese
½ head lettuce sliced thinly
1 tomato diced
1 tbspn olive oil
700 g mince of your choice
4 flour tortillas
other items like chopped capsicum, spring onion, black olives , chopped chillies etc

Preheat oven to 180 C ( 160 ff)
Drain beans. Brown mince in oil for about 15 minutes, heat tortillas in the oven or microwave. Add drained beans to mince, along with any other ingredients you want to cook. Place each tortilla on a plate and divide the mince evenly between them, top with the cheese, lettuce, tomato and any other of the topping you choose. Roll up and then serve with salsa or a sauce you like!!!


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