The Answer my Friend is NOT TO KNIT IN DIM LIGHT
And then, and then , and then.......

Doctor Who? The Doctor is in !!!!

Those Labradors are rascals!! Harki has taken, just every now and then, to dropping a toy out of the front window. It then bounces down all the stairs to the bottom of the garden. Then she runs and sits at the front door and yips until I come and climb down the stairs and fetch her toys!!! This morning Peri was taking Harki’s kong and running away with it. She hovers about it till Harki comes then grabs it and runs away – a good game!! Last night I went to Aunty Captain Mrs Archers and Pauline was there and we watched Doctor Who “Rose”. It was like H2G2 : Time is an illusion : Lunchtime doubly so. The 50 minutes went so fast I couldn’t believe it was over. It had all the right elements: the Tardis, an excellent quirky Doctor referring to his recent regeneration, the sonic screwdriver, Autons, doppelgangers, a surprisingly good companion, humour, death… I could go on and on obviously. I shall try and restrain myself. I now have 12 more episodes of this season to see and then another season to come – guaranteed!! Oh bliss and joy. I need to make something more Doctor Who-y. I have a hanging Tardis. It is like the door side of the TARDIS with a handle and the windows are pockets and there is writing and everything. I think I need a green K9 handbag. Now there is something every girl needs. I shall have to make a pattern. We went to see Star Wars again this morning. There were too many children with crinkly paper , but the queue for the next session at a godly hour was out the door. I am also knitting some dinosaurs for ACMA. I found them here : I am making Bronty in Panda Disco Lime green. It was the best colour and even though I don’t know how many metres or yards in a ball I bought 3 x 20 g balls. I hope to finished it today. I am having a rest from the Fibonacci Jumper. Star Wars Recipe of the Day: Tatooine Twin Sun Toast For 1 serve you need – 1 large slice of sourdough bread 1 tspn butter 2 small eggs Using a 5 cm scone cutter, make 2 holes in the bread, discarding the circles. Melt butter in a pan or on a grill. Place bread in pan . Break each egg into a cup and gently pour one into each hole. Fry 1 or 2 minutes until the whites are no longer clear, then flip over to complete cooking – about 1 minute more. Serve at once with crispy bacon, ( Bacona Fett!!) and grilled tomatoes ( Tusken Raider Tomatoes!!!)


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