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Fast and not loose

Easy Peasy Lemon Sleevey!!!!

Having to change Insurance companies meant I had to ‘assess’ the value of things in my house. Mainly my house is full of ….books. I have books everywhere and I walked in every room and counted them. I have too many!! But I need them all. As well as books I have magazines like Handmade and Delicious and Stitches and Burda. Happily the insurance people are glad to cover any number of books!!! I took spreadsheets and my Boob Book to show them !! Books are my downfall, and as a vice they are pretty harmless. Books call to me as I walk past, I peer into shady windows ands sneak longing looks at hardcovers, the soft covers are easy, and the magazines? They hop off the stand into my hand!!! Today I went to Aunty Captain Mrs Archers after walking the Labradors and changing insurers. We picked up her table and bought Star Wars drink containers and watched Blake’s 7. Peri ate a shoe. I am trying to be glad about the fact that the pair wasn’t my favourite green. It is hard. Farewell shoes…… I have 30 rows to go and the body of the Fibonacci Jumper is finished!! I will finish it tonight and begin the cuffs and then the sleeves in as much stripe pattern as possible. Tomorrow I can buy more wool and sleeves are easy!!! In fact, we are , it appears, having an easy recipe week!!! Easy Vanilla Slice Lattice biscuits 300 ml thickened cream 1 cup milk 85 g packet of vanilla instant pudding 1 tspn vanilla extract Optional fruit : berries, drained fruit salad, etc Place half the biscuits in a lined square tin, best side down. Combine milk and cream in a bowl and beat in pudding. Add extra vanilla extract. Beat for 1 minute or until thick and smooth. At this stage add any fruit if you so desire. Pour mixture over the biscuits and top with the other half, best side up!!! Refrigerate till set. You may ice with a simple lemon or passionfruit icing too. This is so simple and very yummy.


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