Mc OKay or not???
Ding dong dell, I was not feeling well!!!

Fresh out of Luck

I must spell check and then re-read my posts as words from other languages keep popping up, like ‘si’!!!!  I must say that I am an abysmal typist, fast and terribly inaccurate.

Today I saw Aunty Bed and Breakfast in Spotlight. How exciting. I had written her a real paper and pen letter a week or so ago and there she was, in person!!  Aunty B&B had knitted a lovely sparkly scarf, I was admiring it before she even said she had knitted it.

The people from the Fresh show on TV emailed me, a real person emailed me, but can you guess what they said? Well, I quote :

Thank you for your email in regards to Gingerbread house cutters. We suggest any decent cookware shop in your area would supply the cutters.

Do they think I am an ignoramus?? Do they think I have been emailing them weekly in my quest to obtain the eponymous cutters on a mere whim???? Apparently, YES!!! I emailed them back to inform them that I had tried all the shops in town, they had asked their suppliers and I had tried on the net as well. I will have to start sending proper snail mail letters to Geoff. I need those cutters: they have the shapes of  a small gingerbread house – the sides, the front and back, the roof etc, and you just press them out of the dough with no tracing around or measuring. ACMA’s class would love to make these at Christmas time, and so would I. I think my friends would like them, I could fill them with a few little truffles or chocolate things.  Rest assured I will not be deterred from this task. I will write a letter tomorrow and post it off along with one of my poems.  I do feel patronised. I don’t like the feeling at all……

On the knitting front, the neck of the Fibonacci Jumper is excellent. I did it in the stripe pattern : 1,1,2,3,5, and I decreased either side of a centre stitch at the 4 corners of the neck, and then increased again on the part you fold over. I am very pleased , though I tried it on and I shall have to undo the lower bands and reknit them on 8s ( is that 4 mm?) and pick up more stitches, as it is too gathery.  I have the wool for blanket stitching the last of the wrap as well. I have about 40  cm to go and then a good wash and it is done.

The Labradors are happy and hungry, nothing has changed there. I have a little bone for them for when I go out tonight : a few of us are going to La Carafe for ACMA’s birthday. Expect a detailed account of the food later on…….. Oh and the general consensus seems to be, from everyone I know, that Shepard out rates McKay by a bazillion votes to one ( that's me). Well, all the more McKay for me!!!!!



Those cutters sound incredible, I can't say I've ever seen anything like them anywhere. Let me know how you get on, I may have to have a look around as well.


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