Wintertime, and the livin' is easy!!!
Just another manic Tuesday

Scarf Jack

Thanks Cathy and Rose-Maree!! Thanks for you help, I will try 30 stitches on 5.5 mm with garter stitck borders and stocking stitch innards!!!.  I can start today now - while the thick fog reflects extra light!!!! Scarf Jack was such an excellent show and it had a terrific theme song too. I think someone like barbara Dickson sang it - I googled and couldn't find out. There is a very versatile scarf knitted on circular needles in the new Australian Stitches. It can be : a hat, a cowl, a shrug, a scarf, a wrap and much, much more!!!



I like the beaded collar featured in the Stitches magazine. Its the beading bit that I'd like to pursue .... I must start including some beading when finishing off my garments.

Deb wore the most gorgeous green to school the other day. It was quite bright, and perhaps an emerald green. I was quite envious and I'm not a green person!Oh yes, you would have loved it!

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