Listen, do you want to know a secret?
I've got plenty of nothin' .....

A bird in the hand.....

Yesterday was a day of total sloth. I was so slothful I would have been a four-toed sloth, not the common or garden three-toed one. I lounged on the lounge, I slept on the bed in the afternoon and then again in the night.  I feel slightly less tired. I spend at least 5 minutes looking at my gums in the mirror over the whole day, and they look pale, but not white, so I must have some red blood cells!!!

Today I took the Labradors for a walk at the dam and no-one went missing, no Picnic at Hanging Rock today. I went to ACMA’s and we bought a new brown finch to replace the one that died ( called Angel) on Friday and took it to school and put it in the cage with Buffy. New Angel was all cheery and friendly and wanted to sit right next to Buffy. Buffy was disdainful, but let her – yes, they are both females. Buffy won’t be lonely now, though she may have some adjusting to do.

Then we watched the final 2 episodes of North & South, the last episode twice as we listened to the commentary the second time. The we watched the deleted scenes and the surprisingly good interview with Richard Armitage. I am leery of seeing actors interviewed as themselves as it destroys my illusions, and they are all I have!!!! N&S has made it to the same dizzy heights of splendour as P&P. There is no higher praise!!!

So, knitting, I’ve done a bit, but then again, too little to mention……what with all the R&R I haven’t had time. I intend to rectify this during the week.

I also managed to make a list of other blogs I like to read. There are a lot more I read incidentally, but  I had to make a start. I am surprised I could do it at all. No hope on making names clicky on the horizon, but you never know......



it's been raining yesterday and today as well down here in Perth so i couldn't take my dogs out for any walk :( been lazy as well..just did a bit of knitting and made some stitch markers. hope you have a good week!!

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