Avocado Baby - Maybe.....
Stick it in your fam-lee album

Bang, flash, wallop, what a picture, what a photograph!!

Fibonacci_jumper Tommy Steele has nothing on me!!! Aunty Captain Mrs Archer emailed me a photo and I have managed to make a photo album. I have even written something about the photo. I have given the photo album the name : "I made this" after the end of the X-Files. I wanted to call it "Things what I have made" after the style of Morecambe and Wise, but I was afraid I would be bombarded with Grammar Police. I love Morecambe and Wise. Once, at school, I labelled things in the room in Bahasa Indonesia, the LOTE school was promoting, and just about everyone in the city popped in to tell me I had spelled 'pensil' incorrectly. Only if it wasn't in another language!!!

Anyway, have a look at the photo in the album , just because you can!!!


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