Holey Smoke, Batman!!!!
Takut : Takut Sekali

Footloose, footloose, everybody cut footloose!!

Sock #1 is complete but there were 2 false starts to sock #2. I want them to match, and the colour and pattern in the wool made it hard to determine the right place to start casting on. Next time I make socks I will unravel the ball until I come to a more easily identifiable point in the wool. I am happy with the third try, I am too impatient to start again. I want to finish my socks and wear them. I wore one : I was all Cooke and Moore and the One Legged Tarzan sketch. The sock is just right, a tad form fitting, but it will stretch through wear, not shrink. I can’t believe how fine it feels, how delicate yet strong. I admired my foot for quite a while!!!

In town I bought a bead set – Nobleness!! It is full of green beads, shiny, round, long, so many that I was forced to buy it even though I am hopeless at making jewellery. I will persevere because there are enough beads to make a whole lot of matching earrings and bracelets. I like the whole matching concept, which only falls apart when I lose an earring. I do this regularly despite my special earring holder : polystyrene foam covered in calico and stuck with glass headed pins to hang the earrings.

The shops are full of more green clothes and so I will be putting some more on lay-by soon!!

Debbie_bliss_book I borrowed a knitting book from the Library. I want to make a friend’s baby a cardigan. Canvassing the opinion of several mothers has led me to believe that a cardigan is better for babies. I found a lovely Debbie Bliss book and I think I will make a cardigan. The baby is about 6 months old, but if I make it for a 1 year old she will get more wear from it. I want to knit it in green, but everyone doesn’t like green. I don’t want pink for a girl, or red or wishy-washy yellow. Maybe I should go for a variegated wool??

I should make up a recipe for today, but I have a headache and I am extra tired and I need to rest up so I can enjoy Dr Who tonight…….



probably you can knit it in apple green? that's a very nice colour ^_^

rosie dean

I just adored your opal green sock the other day at school. I'm not usually a green person but this is a lovely shade.

I hope you're tiredness will pass quickly.

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