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Gauging my Success

RockyWho is your Microsoft Assistant in Word and Publisher? I have the cutest dog called Rocky and if I am lucky he might appear here – somewhere. There used to be a sad dog with a cape but this dog is better.

Yesterday was the day of sleeping!! I slept for 4 hours in the afternoon and then for about 9 hours in the night. I feel quite rested today. It rained all yesterday so I read and knitted, oh and I bought a new pair of casein needles, size 5mm which is a 6 in the olden terminology. I found my needle gauge so I can measure away, of course now I only have 4 needles to measure. I measured them anyway. I am going to give away all of the other needles I have.  See, I am obsessing about new needles now. I have to have them all, in every size. I will have to make a new needle case wrappy-uppy thing to keep them in. I wonder if they have crochet hooks too??

I am still on the home run of the scarf. The last ball is taking forever and ever, amen. Because I slept a lot of yesterday no other knitting was done.  I am spending way too much time fantasising of what I will knit next. I look at patterns and wool and desire them immensely and then remember I must finish what I have. I do like having a few things on the go, but I seem to be finishing everything at the same time. I am like that with dogs, I always like to have 2 so when one is poorly and old we get a new puppy to be going on with. I am pathetic!!!

I am pleased the clicky recipe link and index were helpful. I am a Luddite and take a while to be able to figure out new things. I want to import my old Blogger blog, there are instructions but I have little faith in my ability to follow them.

I am sorting out my Donna Hay books. I have some missing and I know I had them before. I also know I need to order 4 back issues. I will give myself a couple of weeks to see if they are in another place – I just found 2 in the bottom of the big bookcase in the lounge room – I have 17 bookcases so there are a few to search through!!! I like Donna Hay’s recipes, though some use ingredients we just can’t get here everyday. I do hate it when TV or magazine chefs say ‘ Just pop along to your local Chinese supermarket’ or ‘These will be available in any shop’. No, they are not. I tried to but dried mushrooms in 2 shops yesterday with no luck.

Last night I watched The Princess Diaries again. It is a great film. I like I because it has Julie Andrews. I have seen Princess Diaries II as well. I am going to read all the Meg Cabot books now. I have read the first one, and Mia’s dad is alive, not dead!!!! Another case of orphanry to move the story along.

Chicken in Filo Pastry

  • 2 chicken breast fillets

  • bacon

  • camembert cheese

  • filo pastry

  • red currant jelly

  • olive oil

Preheat oven to 180 C ( 160 ff) and line a tray. Take 2 sheets of pastry, brush with olive oil and lay one on top of the other. Cut each chicken piece in half. Smear with jelly, add a slice of cheese and wrap with trimmed bacon. Place on pastry and wrap up. Place seam side down on tray and brush with olive oil. Repeat this 3 more times. Bake for 20 minutes. Or until if pierced with a skewer, the juices run clear. You can’t judge by colour as the bacon makes the chicken quite pink. Allow to rest for a few minutes then serve. Makes 4.


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