Feelin' hot, hot, hot water bottle!!
Footloose, footloose, everybody cut footloose!!

Holey Smoke, Batman!!!!

Our walk this morning saw us all caught in a mini storm. The rain was hard and the wind lashing and when a few dead small limbs fell on the path the Labradors headed for home. They are sooky lalas.

As I went to bed before 8-30 pm last night no sock knitting was done at all, but I have only to graft the toe and one sock is complete. I need to find the matching place to start the second sock now.

I have another hole in my left index finger, made when I push the stitches along against the point of another needle. I bought a gel salve that encourages healing and I have been slathered and bandaided. I thought it would make it hard to knit but it has been OK.

The Library lady sent me a present to say thank you for the cushions. I said I didn’t deserve one as it took me so long, but she ignored me. I have a brand new lime green plate, and a lime clutch bag, with a sequinned letter ‘C’. It has 3 interlocking metal circles and I think you are meant to slip the largest one onto your wrist and use it as a handle. I am not quite sure. You can tell I am au fait with the trendy and cool fashion of today!!!

I met Aunty Captain Mrs Archer after school for tea and a cake and then we had a little shop and I also scored some British newspapers from her dad. I like to read them, even though I am philosophically opposed to all that The British Isles entail – the monarchy and all that…..and so, to bed……..


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