It may be rice wine to you, but it's saki-to-me!!
Veni, Vedi, Knitti

It's all Greek to me......

Theseus and Ariadne have nothing on Harki and I. How do I tangle thee? Let me count the ways. Harki dances and prances about saying “Stop that knitting and netting and pay attention to Me!!” and her legs and tail are wound with sock wool. Luckily it all ends in laughter, not tears!!!!!

I love knitting socks, well, technically ‘sock’. If I had started in the morning instead of at 4pm I could have finished the whole sock. I have just started knitting again and I am up to the decreases on the gusset/instep and only have the length of the foot to do, and Suzanne’s feet are small, smaller than mine.

Size 5 ½ I think or maybe the same as mine, a size 6.

I bought new needles made of milk. I was knitting on 12s, 2.75 mm,  because that was the smallest set of double pointed needles I had. The lady in the wool shop said I should be using 14s, or 2.25 mm, for socks but as I knit so tightly (she charitably said –firmly) I needed 12s and that is the smallest size of casein needles. So it is serendipitous…..

So today we have been for a walk, I have bought needles and picked up the free double pass to The Upside of Anger from the ABC and dropped them off to a friend as I can’t go, had a tiny supermarket shop and now I am planning a nap I think. I have three things to do tomorrow.

Oh, North & South just came in the mail – there can never be too much Miss Margaret and Mr Thornton. I think there might be DVD watching in 2 weekends!!!!

Choc-Fruit Slice

  • 300 g  chopped nuts

  • 120 g coconut

  • 300 g dried fruit of your choice, chopped

  • 35 g plain flour

  • 200 g melted chocolate ( white or milk)

  • 150 g jam – apricot or your favourite

  • 150 g honey

Heat oven to 170 C ( 150 ff) and grease and line a slice tin. Combine chocolate, jam and honey. Warm the jam and honey a little if it is very cold. In a big bowl mix the nuts, fruit, flour and coconut. Gradually stir I the wet ingredients and mix well. Press firmly into the tin and bake for about 45 minutes.  Cool in the pan and slice when cold.



Hey Cindy,

Our next SNB meet-up is tomorrow afternoon. If your free we'd love to see you!

It's 2pm at the CWA Shop in ST John Street, bring your knitting, $2 and yourself!


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