Veni, Vedi, Knitti
Sleep, slap, I was taking a nap!!!

Lassie, come home!!!!

Yesterday we had a trauma, we thought we had lost Harki!! We went for out usual walk and on the way back to the main area the Labradors went off towards the bottom of the slope through all the trees. Only Peri came back. We waited at the gate and called and whistled  but she didn’t come. We walked back in and looked for about 20 minutes and then I thought she might have gone ahead to the car. Peri and I walked there, but no Harki. We drove back and looked again, then drove up the road in case she had started going home. In the end I had just about decided that she had fallen into the Gorge and there was nothing I could do about it, but we went to the car park one last time – and there she was!! Running in circles where the car is usually parked, all puffed out and so happy to see us. I has a cry them but didn’t smack her. I gave her a big cuddle and Peri jumped all about with joy!!! Our 20 minute walk stretched into about an hour….Oh and I aggravated my knee so I have to do my exercises again.

Yesterday I was just recovering from the shock really, although I took Sticky Date Pudding and Toffee Sauce for 16 to Aunty Captain Mrs Archer’s for tea. Cooking is therapy. Today we didn’t arise till 10 pm and I have undone and reknitted the second sock from the mistake I made last night.

Elizabeth likes her ballet outfit and I will sew her a Swan lake long tutu with a feathery headband and puffy arm bands tomorrow. Next she would like a mermaid outfit!!!!

Now, finally, S’n’B, which I must call the Knitting Coven because ACMA is sick of me saying the Stitch’n “Rude word” group. So, informally, the Knitting Coven it is for me. Now, I am in no way saying that I, or any of the people there have an innate ‘coven-ness’ , but Knitting Circle sounds naff!!! It was such fun at the Knitting Coven. Everyone was so friendly, and they were all interested in knitting and people called tension ‘tension’ and not ‘gauge’, and we all knitted away and chatted and shared what we were doing, and what we aspired to do!!!

I met the people behind the blogs!!!

Cathy won’t be there next time, but she was a crocheting as well as knitting and we looked at a LeapStar which is a kind of Ipod version of the LeapFrog computer.

Katt really does have lovely teal green in her hair. Despite my love for green, I have never had green hair – too much Anne of Green Gables as a child and the infamous Raven hair dyeing incident!!! Katt had a  bargain Debbie Bliss book which had some lovely patterns. I’m not a knitter for children so I don’t think I appreciate their true magic!!!

Sharon was there too, knitting some beautiful green wool and she had a green scarf too – she knew what tension was!!! I think she is knitting a pattern from White Lies Designs…

And Suzi was there wearing her excellent Devil Hat from the S’n’B book. It was excellent!!! She had bought some of the recycled Sari wool from Ebay. I looked, but none of it is green enough for me!! Suzi, my sock is made from Opal Sock wool  - Lollipop #1011. I bought it at Knits, Needles and Wool last year, early last year!! I started a sock then, but hated the pattern. I like my new pattern best!!!

There were lots of other people there to, but I was too overwhelmed to remember all their names. I will be more prepared next time!! I had to leave to help someone with her + and – numbers, which was also fun!!!

So after all my anguish and torment, I now look back and wonder what I was worried about!! It is true, though, that I am the kind of person who worries about something intently and endlessly to the point of exhaustion before it happens, but once it is over I am quite content.

Now there must be a recipe of Happiness!!!

Celebration Dog Biscuits

  • 180 ml of stock

  • 125 ml olive oil

  • ½ cup milk powder

  • 1 egg

  • 300 g plain flour – I use wholemeal

  • 100 g oats

  • You can add some sultanas, chopped dates or currant – a small handful

Preheat oven to 160 C ( 140 ff) Grease and line trays.

Mix  dry ingredients and wet separately, then make a well in the dry mixture, and pour in the wet. Combine well, roll out and cut into star shapes – to celebrate Harki’s return. ( I know the Prodigal son got a fatted calf etc, but Harki is on a diet and these are bad enough!!) Bake for 50 – 60 minutes. Cool then eat!!

I also like to add some crushed garlic and parsley instead of the fruit.



Yes I remember my first S'n'B (sorry knitting coven) I walked in there with much fear and trepidation and what did I find? A great bunch of people who LOVE knitting, so glad you too have taken the plunge and look forward to seeing you again next time.

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