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Listen, do you want to know a secret?

There is a secret to which I am not privy. It is the secret of making a person’s name, as I like to say, ‘clicky’. How do you do it? It is beyond me.  I mention this because Sharon

( note the unclickiness of the name – it links to ‘Nothing’ as Mrs Griswald would say)

asked about my Knitting Journal, and if I would be showing it to people.

I will, be it on their own heads!! I have not figured put what I should put every time. It started out by accident and then I realised what I had : a record of everything I made.

Instead of just a piece of paper that I threw away every time, I could have  a little memory of each thing. I have tried to have;

·        a label from the wool

·        a sample

·        I think I should have a swatch too whether I need one or not

·        the pattern

·        my ticking off chart of rows

·        a photo

·        dates for starting and finishing

·        and any comments

Have I missed anything out? There is no form to fill in or proper format, and it is full of scribblings and maths – and the ages of all the Star Wars characters in each of the films!!!! and other miscellaneous information. I only like to write properly on the right hand page I have decided, that leaves the left hand side one for workings out, thinking about things , diagrams etc. I think I will also have to put a list on the front with the names of the things I have finished. I want to have a whole shelf of exercise books, with the spines labelled. I feel the deep and abiding need to have this now, even though the first book isn’t full!! I think next week I will buy a few more exercise books and cover them in anticipation.

Tea last night was delicious, chicken parcels, roast vegetables, peas, and then the upside-down apple cake which  I made with toffee instead of brown sugar. You make a toffee with 220 g caster sugar and 125 ml of  water and just as it turn a golden caramel colour you add 60 g of butter and then pour it into the base of a lined springform tin. Then you arrange the fruit and add the cake mixture as normal. It makes the cake extra delicious, it is more time consuming, making the cake more delicious to consume!!

We watched the Harry Potter Midnight Magic special from Scotland where an Australian girl has won the prize of interviewing J K Rowling and then she  read from the book. She is not a very good reader aloud!!! Then we began to watch Stargate Atlantis but there was an interruption 1/3 of the way through with the second London bombing attempts and they just never showed the end, the went straight to Letterman. I know that this is not important in comparison the real world, but it is galling to me. They just treat viewers of sci-fi and fantasy TV with contempt. It is lucky you can buy the DVD sets now. I will have to wait till the twelfth of Never . I was comforted by North & South. We watched the first episode, then the first episode again with the commentary , and then episode 2. I could so write in depth analyses of literature!! I spent so much time reading for hidden meaning, comparing and contrasting and looking for the author’s themes and motivation that it is second nature.

I am tired today, slightly pale and we have not been for a walk. I am thinking of doing a Florence Nightingale and taking to my bed for the rest of the day………….

Here is the easy Muffin recipe I mentioned a few days ago..


·        300 g plain flour

·        4 tspn baking powder

·        150 g melted butter

·        125 ml milk

·        2 eggs


     150g sugar, caster or light brown

·        1 tspn vanilla extract

Sift the dry ingredients and make a well in the centre. Combine the wet ingredients and fold through thew dry. Don’t mix too well, it should be rough!! Fill muffin papers and bake for 15-20 minutes at 200C ( 180 ff). It makes 10-12 muffins.

You can add anything you like : fruit, chocolate, nuts, spices and bananas, caramels , it is a great all purpose recipe that always works. 



I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought JK was a good "aloud" reader!
Have a good rest ok?


Of course I meant WASN'T!

rose-maree dean

Re your knitting journal. Perhaps you could add a 'Purpose' heading; maybe you have made an item for yourself, gift for friend, a challenging pattern etc. something like that!

Your journal already sounds wonderful, even in the planning stages!

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