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Takut : Takut Sekali

This sounds far more mysterious and scary than the original - Be afraid : Be very afraid. I think I have worked out how to do clicky links, and what follows will be a link horror – or delight, depending on my patience and ability!!! I will go wild, linking like a chain!! I can’t believe how easy it is to make the clicky links, and thanks to the Knitting Coven people I was able to find out what to do. Here, I could link to them and show you, but I am trying to do recipes instead!!!

Here is the Recipe Index for July:

Chicken in Filo Pastry -2 July

Too much Chocolate is never enough cake-3 July

Grown up Macaroni Cheese 5 July

Easy Sticky Chicken Wings 6 July

Berry Cheesecake Semifreddo 7 July

Very Lemony Tarts 10 July

Choc Fruit Slice 11 July

Celebration Dog Biscuits 14 July

Dirt Bike Cake 15 July

Rice-y Spicy Burgers 17 July

Warm Caramel Sauce 18 July

Apricot Cake 20 July

Upside Down Apple Cake 21 July

Muffins 23 July

Chicken Curry Soup 25 July

Cheery Baked Red Apples 27

Little Italian Ricotta Cakes 28

Knitting : On the sock front, I am almost to the heel part. I have developed a big callous on my right index finger as well and the split in my left. I am the knitting wounded. I want to wear my socks and this is an added impetus.  I want to buy shorter needles. I noticed you can buy a set of bamboo double pointed 2.25 mm needles but I worry that I will break them. My steel needles have bent to conform to my grip already. I noticed one was not straight and thought I might have sat on it, but then I realised they were all ever so slightly curved. 20 cm is too long for sock needles, I want 15 cm ones. I shall have to search on the Net to find some.

I am still having a Florence Nightingale decline, a shallow one, not a steep one. I think I will take to my bed again this afternoon. There is nothing on TV tonight, though I was forced to watch Deep Impact again last night. I turned the channel and there it was. I am forced to watch Chariots of Fire and The Long Kiss Goodnight as well. I can’t tape them in case something happens and the film’s ending changes, I have to sit, bleary eyed, and watch them till the bitter end.

Now, it is moment of truth time as I publish this post and see if all the links work: Don’t hold your breath…….



You will be doing clicky, linky things all the time now.


dont mind me asking but whereabout are you from? as your title is in malay? my guess would be from malaysia, singapore, indonesia or brunei?

Katt Walker

The clicky linky things look great. And can be addictive! lol


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