Om, mani, paddypaws, hum.
Blowup : and I don't mean David Hemmings...

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here....

When I was 19 I was amazed that I had my own car, a Hillman Minx with 2-tone blue colours, a 3 gear column shift and real red leather bench seats. 

15 years ago ACMA and I marvelled at the wonders of the internet as we waited hours  in the School Library on Sundays for Blake’s 7 bloopers to download from the web. I despaired of ever owning one of these expensive and new-fangled machines.  Now I have a shiny black computer with bells and whistles.

5 years ago , when I was first sick , my Mortgage Insurance actually worked, and they made my fortnightly payments for me. Never in a million years did I ever imagine owning a house off my own bat, but when I had to retire they came to the party and I have a house!!!!!

We won’t even mention the mobile phone other than in passing : I never dreamed pleasant thoughts about one day owning one of those!!!

2 years ago DVD recorders were  $3000 to $5000 and ACMA and I wanted one but they were out of our reach. Then about 18 months ago we chipped in 1/2 each and we can now record merrily away on DVDs.

I have been wanting a digital camera for ages now, to take photos of the Labradors mainly, never thinking I could afford one, and now :  Lo and Behold!!!

I have a new digital camera. It was sooo cheap, only $139!!! ( Even $5 less than the advertised price.) The first thing I have captured – pictures of  the Labradors. I am no photographer, but I only took 4 and I have put them in The Labradors Photo Album. I think the trick is to take a bazillion photos and then a tiny percentage may be acceptable. I have barely any megapixels, only 3.2, but the pictures seem OK????

000_0004 000_0001

So, on the left is Harki, and on the right, Peri!!!

So, although it might not be as bad as Dante had imagined, there will be Comedy ( probably not of the Divine sort) and there will be Hell ( though only on this end of the picture taking process), so you might not have to abandon all Hope as yet : Unless you are Pandora, and that’s a whole other box of tricks!!! There is no escaping the horror of my new picture-taking ability........



3.2 mP is great, our "big camera" is 4. something and it shhots great pictures. My e-bay camera that I carry around in my handbag is only 1.3 mp and is great. (I think it only matters if your are going to print and enlarge the photos? I don't know. So, does this mean we get to see the lacy zhivago cardi and socks?
And hello Labradors!


Oooooh lookout she has the digital camera, will anything or anyone be safe.

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