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000_0038_0001_1 Tasmania truly is all Crowded House, we are always having 4 seasons in one day. Last night Hobart had the warmest August night in recorded history : 15 C and remember, this is WINTER!!!, yet today Tasmania is having rain of Noah-like proportions. The Labradors wouldn’t go outside till I went to get the paper when I woke up at 9-20 am. I didn’t feel guilty about not taking them for a walk!! The Labradors are not really sisters, but we like to think, on the inside, they are!! Sisters!! Peri loves harki more than Harki loves Peri, I think.....

Both the BH&G and the Delicious magazines arrived simultaneously. I think that there is definitely postal interference. I will be going postal soon!!

Oh the Gatecrasher Trojan Virus keeps trying to attack me all the time today. The anti-virus blocks it every time but I do wish people would stop doing it. I don’t understand the hacker/attacker mind at all. Why would people want to deliberately wreck and hurt things? It is beyond me.

I have taken Rachael’s advice and tried to get out of the pre-digital camera state of mind I inhabit. I still think that if you take one picture that is enough, otherwise you are wasting film!! There is no film and I can delete the boogelly photos. That said, I am lucky to get 1 half-way decent out of 100!! I have snapped away and made 2 000_0026 photos of the actual Lacy Edging for the Zhivago Cardigan. The Lacy Edging is a boogelly pattern : there are only 8 rows but they are all just slightly different enough to make constant pattern referral necessary. I knitted through Grey’s Anatomy, 24 and L&O:Trial by Jaime Jury and managed 53 cm. That looks like enough for the curved front, so I need to keep going until there is at least 1 ½ metres. The sleeve frills are separate so they will be a doddle!!

On another knitting front : the front of the Snuggly front is complete and I am onto the sleeves. I love ribbing with 2.75 mm needles. They are so tiny and so cute.

A new Christmas handmade magazine appeared yesterday, and there will be a country Christmas one soon too. I have to organise what I have already made, and see what I still have to make. My Christmas giving is almost totally handmade : cooking or craft. I need a good idea for this year’s card too…….

Spicy Beef Wraps

  • 400 g beef mince

  • 1 tspn dried chilli

  • 2 cloved crushed garlic

  • 2 tbspn chopped parsley

  • grated zest of a small lemon

  • 1 grated onion

  • 1 avocado

  • 4 tomatoes

  • lettuce or salad leaves

  • 1 red capsicum

  • 4 pita breads

  • natural yoghurt

  • juice of a small lemon

  • extra chopped parsley

Mix the beef mince, chilli, garlic, parsley, onion and lemon zest. Season and mix well by hand for about 5 minutes. Shape into 4 burgers and flatten. Refrigerate for 30 minutes and cook in a little oil in a non-stick pan for about 5 minutes on each side. Meanwhile slice the salad items. Mix the yoghurt with the extra parsley and lemon juice and season to taste. Toast the pita bread if desired. To assemble : place one burger, salad and some dressing into each pita bread. I like a lot of lemon so I add a little more juice as an added dressing. Instead of chilli you can use one of the branded spice mixes : Moroccan or Cajun eg.



Peri and Harki both looks so cute together!! Is that Zhivago cardigan from the latest paton's book?


Did you go and have a look at that blog? Check your lighting, I've found that I used to think the flash was my friend, NOO! the flash is out to get you! And don't forget the wonderful world of macro, mmm love that macro. And angles are good. Anyway Love the lacy edge, and in your signiture colour of course! I'd like to do the airy scarf from Last minute Knitted Gifts as my first lacy project, but hey, you make it look easy! Oh and btw, did you make that BAWK hot water bottle cozy? If so, photo please!
Hope you're feeling well, and The Labradors are taking good care of you!
Cheers, Rachael.

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