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Marty Rhone, get away!!!

         Spiral_lacy_edging                                           How long is a piece of lace??? I don’t know but it has taken literally hours to get this far. There is 132 cm of the lacy Edging and this is not enough for both the fronts. It is good to know that the length of edging required for the back is not too daunting, so once the fronts are covered there is not much to go!! I might be needing the extra ball of wool, as there are the sleeve edgings to make too. I knitted and knitted and knitted, becoming more familiar with the pattern thank goodness, so I didn’t have to rely on my amended pattern!!! This pattern has a different number of stitches for each row and each row is also different from any other, but it is not as complicated as the Travelling Vine and I knitted a whole lacy jumper in that years ago.  The socks and the Snuggly Cardigan are on hold while I knit lace.

We have had a month’s worth of rain in one night, Launceston had over 75 mm ( over 3 inches) last night  and there are floods and closed roads and more flash flooding to come. Deloraine is all awash and at the dam today the overflow was Niagara Falls. The creek was also a waterfall and Peri was taken aback for a second before she dove in to swim and be buffeted by the water. Even Harki had a dip and tried to eat all the foam. There were giant puddles of water everywhere and streams of water making their way downhill. The ground was so full of water it was a quagmire. Yet, in typical Tasmanian style, in between showers the Sun is shining and it is quite warm!!!000_0067_1

The GardyGardeners haven’t come today, they would have had to wear wetsuits and work in an octopuses garden. I have caught up on all my TV watching and so now I have to watch the rest of ‘Down with Love’. Aunty Captain Mrs Archer reminded me last night I had to finish watching it. We talked on the phone twice last night. There are only two more days of school left now, then it is the Holidays!!!! This means:

  1. All my friends will be on Holidays and

  2. All my friends will spend the first week recovering and feeling sick!!!

I think 4 terms, which I am greatly opposed to, would just mean 4 lots of recovering from being sick!!!

I will have to go out later on to go to the Library to pick up Scarf Style. I am hoping for a scarf I like. Tomorrow I will have to take a photo of my thin scarf that it is way too hot to wear!!! Oh I have added some photos to my albums as well.

Banana Loaf

  • 185 g plain flour

  • 2 1/2 tspn baking powder

  • 1 tspn cinnamon

  • 30 g butter

  • 110 g brown sugar

  • 1 eg, whisked lightly

  • 65 ml milk

  • 2 very ripe bananas, peeled and mashed

Preheat oven to 220 C ( 200 ff) and grease and line a small loaf tin.

Sift dry ingredients and rub in butter. Stir in the rest of the ingredients till just combined and spoon into the oaf tin.  Bake for about 30 minutes, stand for 5-10 minutes and then cool on a rack. Slice, toast and butter. Nice with mashed banana with cinnamon sugar!!!



The lacy edging is coming along nicely.

We think we are so hard done by with all this rain but it's nothing like what's happening overseas.

We've just been out looking over some of the flooded areas so that DH could get some photos.

The flats along the river banks below Ravenswood/Mowbray are really awash.



Please send some rain up North, we'll have it, and if you can make sure it falls into all the almost empty dams and resevoirs!
cindy your BAWK looks great. I knit mine with 12ply cleckheaton Country and it's pilled alot too. Maybe thats from my feet snuggling under and on top of it all night! The olive green is really nice. You are almost there with the lacy cardi, that light is shining brightly at the end of the Zhivago tunnel, I bet.


Oh did you get a new Notebook delivered? Is there a new Notebook, not on the website yet.. Hurry up Mr Postie! I've brought Delicious, Australian Country style & Creative Knitting, already. I haven't got BH&G yet! I found a newsagents that has a loyalty program, when you buy 11 you get the 12th free! Ha in 2 months I'll get that freebie at this rate ( except they don't stock Vogue Knitting or IK) I borrowed Scafy Style too, only now I want to buy it. There's the trap!
Hope all's good, hi Lab's cheers, Rach!

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