The Pied Piper
Abandon hope, all ye who enter here....

Om, mani, paddypaws, hum.

I have to say ‘Hello’ to AmandaMoo. AmandaMoo carried my new book all the way home from the mainland. The Labradors have been unknowingly practising  Bow Wow Yoga for years. This is such a lovely book.  We had the most delicious warm lamb salad with roasted vegetables and I made a berry nice trifle for dessert.

Although Eddie ‘Miw-yon-air’ can’t say it, I have been consumed with the minutiae of life.  My life is not full of huge extravaganza-type happenings. Today I made lemon mayonnaise for the salmon cakes. I find a kind of Zen-like serenity in the whisking of the yolks and the slow adding of the oil. It is an amazing chemical change : emulsification.

I added lemon zest and juice and cooked 3 salmon cakes for lunch. I should rouse myself to do washing, but I have lost the will to live in the washing department.

The Labradors had a lovely walk, though they both went down the wicked path and not through the gate.  When I had Vundy the German Shepherd the dogs were always ‘The Girls’, but now they are ‘The Labradors’.

No BH&G or Delicious magazines arrived today. The postman came early but no magazines. This means they will be late for the second time in 6 months. Never fear – I have emailed the said magazines’ editors and have heard back already from one!! They are ‘looking into it’.

On the dinner set front, there were two left, with an aqua, a lime and a khaki stripe and some dots too. They were $40, reduced to $30 but when they were beeped they came up at $20, what a bargain. A helpful lad carried them. I can pick them up later on.

I am going for a nap now. If I wake up before 4-30 pm I will go to buy more wool tonight. If I wake up later I will have to go tomorrow!!


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