The White Rabbit
Om, mani, paddypaws, hum.

The Pied Piper

And so the Pied Piper of Launceston played his pipes, and all the rates heard the music and began to follow him down the street : big rates, little rates and medium sized rates.

They followed him down the river where they all drowned.

So wrote the Brothers Grimm, and grim is what I feared my Rates demand would be. I had entertained giant bills of $2000, but I had a reprieve!! The demand is for not much more than last year. I won’t have to sell the Labradors for medical experiments now.

So the postman came early and left the bill, but nothing else. We did spot him going down the street again 15 minutes ago and we are hoping he might make a second run, a la Six White Boomers. The Labradors waited eagerly in the hall for a while, but he hasn’t come. We all saw a cat and then a puppy dog, but no postman.

Last night at Sewing ACMA slogged her way through the Christmas magazines, no-one else had the motivation. So if you do all the hard work, you get to pick !! I think we are making brooches again, and there isn’t a  small pattern so I will need to cut and paste photocopies to make them. I knitted away and still didn’t finish a ball of wool yesterday, road to Hell etc. Today I have finished the ball off , made a trifle and caught up on last night’s TV.

Yesterday was slightly shot, due to a 3 hour afternoon nap!!! No nap today, so I can guarantee I will sleep well tonight. I am off to the Madcages’ for tea. I am taking the afore mentioned trifle. Still no magazines either. And no coathangers. I have been to the supermarket for 4 days in a row, asking for them . They see me coming now, and hide, I am sure. I am polite, and not cross. I just want to be able to hang up all my new tops.

I have to pop out now to Target to see if they have 2 green dinner sets on sale. ACMA told me last night and I didn’t write it in my diary and I had forgotten until just now!!!!



Our rates come in two's( 2 properties, 2 different councils) at the same time, and with the electricity bill. Hate that time!
Hope your dinner is nice! Can't wait to see that cardi!


I got your comment about hte letter to the CWA, there's no hurry. A big thankyou again for offering to write it.


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