Let's get "Fysical", "Fysical".....
No Serenity here....

When the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie : That's enough-e

Oh I am so tired I have a headache. The ‘party’ was very sedate, let’s face it, I haven’t the energy to be anything else!! Janette had a good time and the band played ‘That’s Amore’ and  Old Blue Eyes for me so I was happy. The Labradors let me sleep till 10 am, when they declared they needed feeding desperately!!!  Their new Squeaky Ball toys have thus far defied destruction and Harki can, when necessary ( ie, Peri wants the one that belongs to Peri) fit both toys in her mouth. I am not exactly sure she can breathe, but it keeps her happy. Needless to say there has been no walk today

The new Autumn (Fall) Interweave Knits magazine arrived at the newsagent’s yesterday, Auntie Captain Mrs Archer picked it up, along with the Dalek-covered SFX!!! The Interweave Knits has many things I want to knit, and now I can because I have the magazine and the patterns. I am a bit surprised it has so many things I like. This bodes well for the future, and it only took about 6 weeks to arrive – Oh and a season or two, but I figure we are fashionably behind here. Like I’m in fashion anyway!!!!!!!

I like these!!!

Drop_stitch_cardigan Fairisle_skirt


Canteen_bagGreek_pullover Ribbed_cabled_socks 

Note: this is not an artistic arrangement of photos. I have no control, it seems, over where they go!! This could be my next goal really, to gain control!!!

Now I shall knit my Zhivago cardigan and watch Midsomer Murders and Hustle from last night. Then a giant sleep and I will gird my loins for American Broadway, New Tricks and Canterbury Tales tonight!!!


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