Greensleeves but not fingers...
Then they get off at Saratoga for the fourteenth time!

Doctorin' the TARDIS.....


Yesterday I made 2 of the aforementioned Sticky Toffee puddings and we showed great restraint in not eating them. They smelled delicious, the fragrance of the puddings wafted through the air. I also made blueberry muffins and some custard so Aunty Captain Mrs Archer could have a treat of her own. We had a lovely steak, potato and cheese, vegetables and mushroom sauce. Oh and  G&Ts!!! We watched 2 more episodes of Stargate Season 1 as we are saving the Stargate Atlantis end of season to watch with elbows at the weekend. After not having seen Stargate #1 for almost 9 years it is amazing how much of the plot and dialogue we could remember.

The Labradors and I were meant to go for a walk this morning but I feel a little tired and so we are having (another) day off. The herbs have lasted a whole day. I can see them out the front window and revel in their survival.

I have put my new Dr Who & Tardis and K9 with my other Dr Who things. I have quite a book collection. I have the old Target books, all the Virgin new Adventures, most of the Missing Adventures, all of the BBC 8th Doctor, heaps of specials and 3 of the new BBC 9th Doctor books. I have 3 more on order. I have The Curse of the Fatal Death, the Comedy Relief video and the Lost in Time DVD with Missing Episodes of the first 2 Doctors. My Book Book where I record all the books I own has no ‘D’ pages left, I have already strayed into the ‘Es’ so I will have to sticky tape a new ‘D’ page in to make room for the new books. Dr_who_closeup

I though I had 20 pairs of green shoes but I found 2 more pairs this morning that I had forgotten about. I had put them in a basket that I use to keep Peri from eating things. I think I will have enough shoes for 1 every weekday in September.

On the knitting front I am still on the Lacy Edging. I am hoping that I have almost finished the edging for the actual cardigan body. It is endless but I know the pattern off by heart now from every aspect, which makes it easier. I will need another ball of wool or two today to see me through the weekend. I am also off to the shop of fear – fear you will never be served, Spotlight, in search of the tapestry wool.



  • 110 g caster sugar

  • 3 tbspn water

  • 110 g toasted nuts, usually almonds

Place sugar and water in a small saucepan over a low heat and stir till the sugar is dissolved. Bring to the boil and stop stirring. Simmer, bubbling, until the mixture is a light golden colour. Remove from the  stove and stir in the nuts. Pour onto a lightly oiled oven tray and leave to set. It can be used with deserts broken into shards, or crushed up and folded through cream, ice-cream etc. It is also yummy eaten as a treat all by itself.



Hey Cindy! If all else fails and the evil lord spotlight doesn't have the tapestry colour, The Yarn shop stocks it for $4.25 a ball.
Good Luck.


when did you get those shoes???? i havent seen them before. no doubt you described them in great detail but my brain made a different picture!!!!
the pics look look almost competent!!!!!
i cant believe you tell people what i pathetically cook!!! is it to make you look even better???

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