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Christmas_penny_quilt Yesterday I wore myself out with grocery shopping : not a lot, but I had to make 4, FOUR, IV trips up the stairs and then one more later on, and I forgot to eat properly too. I had some pikelets for morning tea and  some dip and biscuits later on. Today I have had proper home made soup with vegetables and chicken.

Then I has a little lie down and at 7pm I went to sewing where I knitted!! I am in charge of making up the kits for our Christmas project. We are making  decorations that can hang on a tree, or be part of a quilt or worn pinned on you . They are made from felt and are part of a Penny Quilt that is in a Handmade book. Aunty Captain Mrs Archer is thinking of making a quick quilt with every square or rectangle a different fabric. I think she could have 64 or even 81 patches!!

We are all going to make Gingerbread houses in December too. Four of us did this  5 or 6 years ago and it is very exciting and you get a house as well. I think I will make all the dough during the week and then we will bake and decorate at the weekend. There will be lots of hands to hold the walls and The_wizard_socks_half_a_foot_to_go roof up as the weather will be warm and they tend to slowly ooze apart!! I am sure it is much easier in the Northern hemisphere where it is Winter.

My Secret Pal  has sent me some emails today and I suspect I have deleted them. I am sorry!!! I am nothing if not prone to hyperbole!! I am a Luddite at heart though and most things about the computer scare the willies out of me, but I particularly live in fear of a virus killing it. Yesterday I ran the virus scan every hour as it caught 3 Trojan Horse things the day before. Dear Secret Pal, please feel free to email me again, I am all calm and  prepared now.  I am such a trial……

So, the Lacy Edged Cardigan is complete and I have learned how to make permalinks to posts about it, so if you click on the name in the links at the bottom of the post it might work, though don’t hold your breath.  I must add the shoulder pads and fins a pin. In the photo it is kept together by a double pointed needle, how appropriate. I would use one in real life but it is just a bit dangerous. I could stab someone with it, a Labrador or a person or even me!!.

I have knitted about half of the foot of the Wizard sock. Yes, Sharon, it is very boogelly trying to undo the crochet from the provisional cast on, though this seems a better method than the one where you The_lacy_edged_zhivgo_cardigan_just_hang twist the wool and pick up stitches around another piece of yarn. That made the most uneven and unsightly cast on and I undid that. The wool is so fine and so soft and comfortable and I love it!! I also love the fact that I am knitting on tiny needles with tiny wool.

The Arisaig cardigan ribbing is coming along nicely. I have added another  2.5 cm to the length of the ribbing before I started the decreasing for the “waist”!!!! (Oh my god Chandler Bing, I am a bit worried that it has space for a waist as I don’t really!!) and then I will add some more length into the lacy part too. The wool for this is soft and delicious too and the rib is quite firm. I have measured this time too, and hope that I have not made it too big.

Two SFX magazines were at the newsagent’s yesterday and one was the Top 50 UK Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV shows and the top 10 are:

  1. Dr Who

  2. Red Dwarf

  3. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

  4. Blake’s Seven

  5. The Prisoner

  6. Sapphire and Steel

  7. Quatermass

  8. Ultraviolet

  9. The Avengers

  10. Robin of Sherwood

5 of these are in my 110 favourite shows!!!  Ultraviolet is so cool and it has Jack Davenport from Coupling and The Pirates of the Caribbean!!!

The Scottish Restaurant Berry Breakfast

  • 300 g frozen berries/raspberries

  • 250 g fresh strawberries, hulled and halved

  • 1 green apple, cored and sliced thinly

  • 10 g caster sugar

  • 80 ml yoghurt – plain or berry

  • toasted muesli

Bring the fruit and the sugar to a simmer and then cook for about 10 minutes, stirring all the time. Cool and then refrigerate.  To make, place half the berries mixture in each glass, then the yoghurt and top with the muesli!!! And you don’t have to have fries with that!! I always ask for chips. Well, I never ask for chips as I am boycotting them because they have chosen to buy their potatoes from overseas.


Your SecretPal

I'm so sorry I made you nervous with my emails, they were just some Dr Who quizzes I had found & thought you would enjoy, but you've probably already done them anyway.
Your sock is coming along nicely, is that the Wyvern Sock pattern?


i hope harki feels better soon and put some weight back!! anyway, that cardigan is looking lovely

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