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Post-Post Ennui

Yesterday was my 200th post. That is quite a lot really, though I am not a fanatical every day person. I think it is the longest diarising I have ever done.

I have just watched the first episode of Season 3 of Spooks, even though I have watched all the rest of the season. Aunty Captain Mrs Archer had taped it for me and it was MIA till a few days ago when she ID-ed it and watched it. ACMA still has the whole season to watch, Lucky Duck. Spooks is excellent TV. It has Peter Firth from The Flipside of Dominick Hyde, which has stuck in my mind ever since I watched it aeons ago. Last night, unless I blacked out for 8 minutes, Southern Cross managed NOT to show a whole section of Alias. We skipped from the club straight to the aftermath of the botched attempt to retrieve the special laser glass. If you want to read what happened, there's a page or two of a recap here, at TWoP.

I have knitted a whole ball of wool for the Wizard socks and I need to join a new ball  so I am knitting the Arisaig while I prepare to join in a new ball on a sock.

It has been a rainy day. The Labradors have been inside napping and playing. I have mooched about in my pyjamas all day. It is a dull . I did toy with the idea of venturing out, but quickly shelved it. I am trying to stick to my week of rest. I have done very well, 2 walks, a trip to the supermarket for supplies and then the Hospital and that’s all!!!

I am not the only person who likes Enid Blyton, in Column 8 in the SMH today this appeared :

"Tea is an inappropriate companion for cucumber sandwiches," protests Matt Sheumack, of Ashfield . "Anybody who grew up on Enid Blyton knows that they must be served with 'Lashings of ginger beer'."

A truth universally acknowledged I should think!!!


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