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RIP Lace

Sunday 'not' too far away.....

Arisaig_the_pattern_beginsThe Sixth time’s the charm. That’s how many times it took me to ‘start’ the lace pattern for Arisaig. I did the 2 stocking stitch rows in the plain wool, then I changed my mind, then I started the pattern in the wrong place, then I dropped a stitch : a litany or errors. I think it is right now. I am following the chart and I have cut and pasted to make the starting place at the actual start and not at stitch # 12!! The Rowanspun 4ply feels quite hard when you knit but the tweedy nature accounts for that I think. Ewww the picture is all skewed, I pinned it on a pillow and then pulled it sideways. I'm no Frank Hurley!!!

Today is the start of my Week of Sundays week, where I am not going anywhere or doing anything at all. I am spending the week resting and resting!!  I will knit, nap, catch up on some sewing and TV and walk the Labradors. I am allowed to go out for supplies or to the Library, but that is about it: a kind of self imposed house arrest for health reasons!!! This morning I didn’t wake up until 10-23 am. I slept and slept ( I did open the dog door for the Labradors!!) and slept: I was a veritable Rip van Winkle.  All I have done today is eat breakfast, knit and do some washing. The Labradors didn’t get their breakfast until lunchtime and now they are sunbaking. It is very warm. My shoes today are old friends, comfy and sloppy and green, of course. I had a pair almost exactly the same 3 years ago, now I have one – Peri strikes again !!!

This weekend coming, on Saturday night, well Sunday at 2 am to be absolutely accurate, Daylight Saving starts in Tasmania. We have 6 months on and 6 months off. It makes for 4 weeks of TV hell though, with all kinds of weird programming happening. It means you need to tape by the seat of your pants!!! As long as Dr Who is OK, I will cope. This also means that it will be cold, dark and frosty of a Around_the_house_shoes morning and then boiling hot at about 3 pm , and then light till 7-30 pm. It is like an ancient ceremony to herald the Summer. I don’t have to get up to go to work or get children to sleep so, although the Labradors are all out of synch for a few weeks, we manage to cope.

I have printed out the pattern pages of the online issue of Yarn in colour. I am thinking of buying some sock yarn from the Simply Socks Yarn Company in the near future. They are in America, but I might have to bite the bullet. Some Knitting Coveners might share the postage to make it more affordable.

There is some kind of conniption with the Secret Pal 6. A few people I know have had emails and we are all confused and confounded, and have no real idea of what idea going on.  I like my SP-I-am-spoiling and I want to keep her. See, we are all needy and low self esteemy at heart. I have had thoughts and plans and started things and I don’t want to change. My own SP has sent me Dr Who quizzes and recipes: so who would want to change her???!!! Not me!!!

Brie and Tomato Toasts

  • bread of your choice, sliced. Sourdough or some other sturdy kind

  • good, tasty tomatoes, sliced

  • Brie, sliced

  • spring onions, sliced

  • ham, smoked salmon, chicken, whatever you like

  • salt and pepper

Grill one side of the bread, then top with the tomatoes,  ham eg, Brie and then sprinkle with the spring onion. Grill on a low hest until the Brie is melted and bubbly.  Season to taste and eat immediately.  Great for breakfast, brunch or lunch.


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