Wrapping up the lace!!!
There is a season - turn, turn, turn

Weighing up the options

I have 2 or 3 gramsThe_scales_of_knitting_justice of wool left to knit from the first ball of the Rowanspun. I found its mass and  the scales gave either measurement. For the sake of equanimity I am calling it 2.5 g and that is still 10% of the ball of wool. Fine wool takes ages to knit and goes a long way. I have had to have a rest from knitting as I have gyp. I am doing tidying and putting books away. At this house there are always books to be put away as I always have 2 or 10 on the go!! I am debating as to whether I should start the Mini-clapotis with my Noro Silk Garden? Or should I wait and save up and buy more to make something else? It is not going to be scarf weather for ages??? I think I will knit my Wizard socks now for a while.

Last night the jolly WIN TV had a repeat of CSI Ornery. Why, Oh why, Oh why do they have so many repeats? And it wasn’t notated as a repeat in the newspaper. They do this all the time. There are 22-26 episodes in a season so they have up to 78 episodes of all the CSIs to show over the year. Imagine they show prime time shows for 40 weeks of the year ( Ha!) then they can have 2 brand new episodes of a CSI every week. I remember the days when you didn’t have to actually advertise that the episode of a show was a first run premiere. It just was. You had seasons of repeats over the Summer, but otherwise things were new. I don’t mind repeats if they are shown in order and you know they are coming. I hate being treated with disdain.

You could be treated with worse things than disdain unless the new Terror laws are made more concise and detailed. Who decides what is incitement or anti-whatever? Does speaking out against the war constitute inciting action against troops overseas? Will Free Speech be challenged, as with the Gunns’ law suit against the people who spoke out against the? A sunset clause of 10 years? That seems just a ‘tad’  too long, surely they need to revise and assess more often than that? What if The_labrador_and_an_apple_eden_was_never mistakes are made, like DIMIA and Vanstone and the illegal deportations? What will happen to the falsely accused and imprisoned. A fresh-faced 24 year old said today that he had nothing to hide, so what was the problem? Ah, the youth of today, they are so Conservative and trusting. Who is to say that your aired opinion won’t offend a subset of an addendum of a footnote to a law? You may have nothing to hide, but what you are willing to share may be your downfall.  John Pilger has a interesting talk about this.  I’m not 100% worried, but what if ‘they’ are reading this now????………..

Today is as windy as can be and the wind is meant to be blowing in rain but none has come so far. The Labradors are full of negative ions and are running about and playing rough and rowdy rebel games inside.  Harki is still thin and Peri is still naughty!!! Harki loves her apple, Peri had a biscuit outside instead.

The GardyGardeners looked at the Parsley and think I may be watering it too much. Can you do this to something in a pot with holes in the bottom so the excess water runs out? Well, I can!!  My Secret Pal suggested some fish emulsion so I might try that.



Katt Walker

Well the rain has finally come down...well where I am anyway..

It is getting to the point where you have to be careful of what you say and to whom. I think freedom of speech is a thing of the past now.



Law and order: SVU is driving me insane right now. We used to watch it on 10 on Wednesday or Thursday and on Foxtel Chennel 1 double episode on Saturday night. Not only are they all repeats, but they are the *same* repeats. Whatever we watch on Saturday night is the same episode on Thursday. Surely they could have a *bit* of variety!!

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