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Wrapping up the lace!!!

Missed_by_this_much Last night I knitted up the wool I had unravelled from the Arisaig Wrap Cardigan and now I have the right lace pattern at last. Never try to do the foundation rows of lace if you are not up to par!! The pattern is rather like rows of hearts, each row offset from the one before. I like it a lot. I am, as always, worried if there will be enough of the Rowanspun 4ply, but I think I will do Heirloom 5ply ribbing on the sleeves if needs be. It won’t look out of place and it will eke out the more expensive wool. I am into the lacy knitting swing now and I have worked the pattern out so I can take the increases into account. I am using the chart and it is very easy.

No-one seems to know exactly what is going on with the SP6 debacle, whatever it is. Everyone seemsNo_phones_in_these_shoes  to be Secret Pal-ing along perfectly well, and none of the SPs I know want to change their SPs. My Secret Pal has sent me a lovely recipe today for a Lemon Tart, with Daleks!! Mind you, Daleks can be a bit hard to come by these days!!!

I ventured out today for supplies, fresh fruit and vegetables: yummy almost black seedless grapes, all lush and sticky with sweetness. There were fresh beetroot, I will cook those for a salad and very nice apples and tomatoes. I made red salmon cakes last night but I couldn’t eat them till today as they need to cool and be in the right shape for a while before you cook them.

Would_you_believe_a_bunch_of_parsley Why is my parsley dying? See, I am a hopeless gardener. I have watered them, and they are in the Sun. It’s a good thing I’m not in charge of  a farm. I usually have a bit more luck with tomatoes and zucchini - who can’t grow zucchini here??? You can’t plant them till after the Show though.

The shoes today are cute, so cute they are almost Bata Juliets : they have a heart shape on the base of the heel that leaved heart prints when you walk. I always wanted Juliets but I don’t think I ever had any. I actually wanted the Bata Scouts for boys even more as they had a compass in the heel : shades of Agent 86. Nowadays shoes don’t come in half sizes all the time. I need a 6 ½ , a 6 is just that bit too short.

The Labradors had a walk in the Sun today, we woke up at 8-15 and then we were walking at 8-35!! They are sunbaking now. Peri gets so hot she comes inside like a sunspot, emanating heat and needing a big drink. Harki’s toy de jour is a squeaky bottle, with the top chewed off with a long stick in it.

Oh, and the new Terror Laws have been agreed upon. It is a sad and frightening outcome.  Who guards the guardians?

Dalek Lemon Tart 
• 1 packet
Arnott’s Marie biscuits, crushed 
• 150g butter, melted 
• 1 cup thickened light cream 
• ½ cup caster sugar 
• 1
tbspn lemon zest 
• ½ cup fresh lemon juice 
• 5 eggs 
1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Combine the crushed biscuits and butter, then press firmly onto base and sides of a 250mm flan tin with removable base. Refrigerate until required. 
2. In a large bowl whisk together all ingredients for the filling until combined, and let the mixture sit for 5 minutes. 
3. Pour the mixture into the tart base and bake for 25 minutes or until filling is set. 
4. Leave to cool before slicing and serve with cream, if desired.   



Glad you got out and about today, hope you've not tired your self out too much, I'll go make you a cup of tea. (in the cone of silence, RIP Don...) Love the lace too, I need a quicky fix, and am doing the dishcloth thing, so BOut is having a wee break. I lurve Lemon Tart, Jamie's is sooo yum. I got myself a little kitchen blow torch for the toffee for on top...still haven't used it yet though.
Back to my very own Sunny Bauedelaire, aka Parker......

Your SecretPal

Your Arisaig is coming along nicely, it is a very lovely pattern, I am tempted to make it for myself.
I'm not sure what is wrong with your parsley, though the leaves are looking a bit yellow, maybe some fertiliser might help, you know just some fish emulsion or the like might do the trick!

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