Cigarettes and queue-skey and a wild, wild woman!!

Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey goes to the Vet (Peri stays at home)

Harki_and_the_smart_juice_bottle Harki has been to the Vet and had an injection and also some drops in her ears. She already feels happier and brighter. She has to go back in a week if she isn’t substantially better. Peri stayed inside with a bone and didn’t cry or whine at all. Mind you she was exceedingly glad to see Harki (and me) when we came home. They has a drink of Smart Juice ( apple, raspberry, cranberry, grape juice with wheatgerm, green tea and ginseng) It was past its use by date but they quite like it. I put some treats in the bottle and put the lid on and Harki has a nice time playing with it!!!  Harki has also lost more weight, now her mass is 35.9 kg. That is enough now, she can be on maintenance and stay between 35 and 36 kg!!!!

I realised last night that it is my friend’s birthday on the 30th October and I had been meaning to knit her a Branching Out scarf  in  dark chocolate Zhivago. I hadn’t even started. So last night I cast on and I am up to the 8th repeat of the pattern.  I shall have to knit this to the exclusion of everything else to have it finished in time!!

I picked up Emma King’s 25 Bags to Knit from the Library. It isn’t quite as exciting as I hoped, but I have it for 3 weeks to consider anything I might like to make.

After school I am going to the Waverley Lake with ACMA as she is planning an excursion with a Branching_out_the_dawning_of_the_scarf scientific investigation of water. We will write some questions and think of some extra activities that the children can do. They can collect water from other sources : school, home, the local river etc and they will be able to analyse and compare.  You have to go on excursions as the parents pay money at the beginning of the year, but you need to make them relevant. I don’t think you can justify popping off somewhere just because. A trip needs to reflect or introduce something being studied in the class.

Then , I will make some of the dog biscuits from the recipe my Secret Pal sent me!! I shall also check my Powerball ticket!! How sad am I??? I checked the date and it has already happened!!!! If I win a bazillion dollars I’ll let you know!!!!



how many balls of Zhivago do you need for knitting that scarf cindy?

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