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Cute_book_from_the_fair_circa_1972 80s_styles_i_will_never_wear_but_i_love_ Today we went for a short walk, only half way up the hill at the dam. This morning I caught up on some emailing .

Aunty Captain Mrs Archer bought me two knitting books at a School Fair. I love them both, though I am unlikely to knit from the very 80s Jenny Kee, there are things in the other book I will definitely make!! Even a wrap around cardigan!!!

Cathy’s new puppy Milly is a tiny Darling. She is feisty and very Milly determined and so cute. She knows her name and can come!!! I bought her a present so I bought Harki a Frisbee and Peri a bone. Harki is in love with her Frisbee. Vundy the German Shepherd loved them too. Peri is not eating her bone of dinosaurian proportions. It may be a fossil, at the very least she might bury it later And_action_harki_and_her_new_frisbee on……

My Secret Pal sent me a Powerball ticket!! I am saving up my wishes at her behest!!! I am yet to win anything more than $20, from which I deduct the approximately $6 it costs for my ticket each week – so that’s $14!! Better than nothing!!! The ticket came in a beautiful card with a Frog, I hope there is no frogging to be done tonight. I did start the heel of Cathy’s sock and she gave me some sock yarn. I think I will make her something from it for next winter : Mittens???

I have been working on Project: Voldemort and I am 60-65% finished now. I love Mr Monk!!! So after visiting Milly, and then grocery shopping, I wasn’t home till after 7pm.  I am eating Chicken Rogan Josh, rice and vegetables at 8-22pm. Made it Peri_with_a_dinosaur_bone myself too, not a frozen or takeaway meal!!!!! Now I can settle down to Robin Hood : Fact or Fiction, stick a tape in for Alias as it is on waaay too late, and go to bed!!!

Oh, I almost forgot, I am an official Opinion Leader, I was polled!!




Jenny Kee made a real name for herself with her 'out there' designs in the 80s. I had a Womens Weekly pattern book with some lovely designs in it along with Jenny Kee ones which even back then when they were supposedly fashionable I could never have imagined myself wearing. I will leave that up to Kath Day-Night (Kath and Kim) The other one looks interesting can you bring them along to the knitting coven next time so we can have a look?

Your SecretPal

Ohhh, Milly is soooo cute, how can you resist a face like that?


I cant believe you like that book.
I was kind of kidding when I got it.
Is it better or worst that it was free????
That little dog is the dog of my re-occuring nightmare!!!!!

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