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Pride and Prejudice : Sigh!!!

The Knitting Coven met today, and I have a heap of homework to answer and sort out, but I’ll leave that till tomorrow!!

On Sunday I saw Pride & Prejudice: The Movie. I have a review!!! Thank you to the ABC again for the ticket!!!

I went, perhaps, with more than a little prejudice, but priding myself on an open mind, I was ready enjoy the film. And enjoy it I did!! I laughed, I cringed ( at Mr Collins mostly), I hid behind my hands and I cried too.

The film did a jolly good job of telling the story in about 2 hours. There was great characterisation : I felt I knew something about each person. There were new and interesting takes on the traditional view of characters : Mr Bingley was a nervous 'nerd', Mrs Bennett and Mr Darcy were both painted in a more sympathetic light, and Lydia, perhaps, in a less!! There was a definite chemistry between Darcy and Elizabeth, both acting very convincingly their youthful age : impetuous, perfectionist and proud.  Judy Dench was fantastic, as we expected her to be.

This seemed to be P&P:Unplugged. There was an air of dust and dirt over everything, it was not all neat and tidy: men were unshaven and women's hair sometimes dishevelled. I was fascinated by Donald Sutherland's amazingly narrow teeth, and his accent did lapse every now and then. But perhaps my only criticism is that I didn't feel there was a proper 'ending'. I wanted to see Lizzie and Darcy together at the end : fading to black on their image. I wanted this!! I needed this!!!

There was a lot of exposition, but I think this is to cater for a large group of film goers who will be unaware of the P&P story. Lots of things were explained, that need not have been - it was all the Loch Ness Monster in the 'Quagmire' episode of the X-Files. British and Australian's would have left the ending open - we would not have truly known if the monster was real or not, but in the good old U S of A they had to show the monster slowly swimming away as the credits rolled.

Mr ( Colin Firth) Darcy might have had his lake scene, but Mr ( Matthew McFadyen) Darcy certainly met the challenge with his 'striding through the foggy dawn' outfit near the end.

So, out of 5? I'd give it 4 1/2 stars ( the mini-series is a 5!!) I loved the film, I'm such a romantic at heart!!!

Starry_skirt Then yesterday I decided at about 6 pm to make a skirt, so here it is: I wore it today, It seems just the right length. I reorganised the pattern to satisfy me and I am quite pleased!!! I think I will sew a few more over the next week or so. The weather is warming up and I am feeling the heat already.

I still had a headache and felt a bit boogelly, so there was no going out at all yesterday, and no walk for the Labradors. Instead there was lounging and sleeping and reading. I wanted to be able to enjoy the Knitting Coven!!!

So, tomorrow there will be links and recipes and  ‘things’!!!


Your SecretPal

Oh I just love Pride & Prejudice too, the BBC mini series was the best, especially Mr Darcy!


Can anyone beat Mr Darcy (Colin Firth)??

I didn't realise that you had made the skirt you were wearing, how clever.


The BBC P&P is a 10 starsout of 5 at least!!!!
Yes i am your mathematically challenged friend but 5 isnt enough stars for the lake scene alone.
Other than that i support all comments made about the P&P film.
It is a Hogwarts inspired skirt.

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