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Teach your children well....

Australian_school_librarian_of_the_year We had afternoon tea, ie, I had a cup of tea made with a tea bag. I asked for lemon slices though to mitigate the crime. Jessie looked great : Darwin agrees with her!! Here are the feet of the people : Guess me!!! But you can see the feet of the Australian School Librarian of the Year at the top.If you 'mouse' over the photos you can see the owners' names!!! In fact if Typepad hadn’t been down I would have beaten Marlena_di_dawn_and_jessie the paper!!!

Yesterday the power went off. I had just finished sewing the ribbons on the little mini-sleeve arm things for the ballet costume when the power went off. I had cooking to do – well melting and heating anyway:

  • Marissa_and_me

  • Custard

  • White chocolate and lemon truffles

  • Ganache

  • Mud cake

  • Nigella’s runny puddings.

When I rang the Hydro there was an hour’s delay before they would even consider thinking about the Too_much_girly_pink_is_never_enough restoration of power. I packed up my ingredients and trusty green digital scales and hot-footed it to ACMA’s house and melted and heated things there. Consequently there has been no knitting.

We went to Spotlight and saw some quite nice Christmas crafty beads, tiny decorations etc, and I spied a pattern for a top to sew to wear to D&O’s wedding. I would be making View B, the one with the real woman modelling it!! I have some lovely green material, courtesy of the Madcages’ overseas trip. I might line the bodice section front and back and have the sleeves in the fabric alone. I will need to make a skirt too, but that will only take an hour, though I will line it. The weather in a fortnight could be blisteringly hot or blizzardly cold!! I have plenty of shoes to wear and a lovely handbag too. That should be it.

Now, a thank you to Birchalls, and Zarina. I taught Zarina and now she works in Birchalls and she is such a lovely person. She asked, and Birchalls obliged, in donating their Harry Potter banners to me ( for ME read ACMA and her Harry Potter Club at school). No doubt she will furnish us with a picture – for heaven’s sake she wanted to go back to school to hang them up last night!!

Lovely_green_print_material And there is a nice segue into Teachers’ Day. Today is Teachers’ Day ( and thanks Paul and Paula for what can only be a Uriah Heep style ingratiating full page ad in today’s paper) Thank your child’s teacher today. I know what a demanding and exacting job it is, and teachers make it look easy. They are gliding on top of the water and paddling furiously below to stay afloat. Thank the for all the unseen extras: the care they take, the listening they do, the planning, the marking, school camps, duty, never ever having a lunch hour, writing reports late into the night for weeks on end, parent teacher meetings, maybe 16 extra hours a week for 2 or 3 weeks while still maintaining an excellent learning environment, being a positive influence on your child, making a difference - I could go on endlessly ( what a surprise!!!) Harki is almost 100% well again. She wants to play all day again. Peri will come from a million miles away when you call her, to have a Secret Pal Biscuit!!! She has to have pretend drops in her ears when Harki has the genuine thing…….So cute!!!



Happy Teacher's Day Cindy.
Now i love that top, as you know I have lots of sewing to do, but as the incredibly shrinking woman, I don't know where to start. Besides the fact that I truely need to chain myself to the machine...and I have the TMNT costume to sew...I am home from work to do so today...?Family leave?? how slack of me.
Now you know I would never ever dream of giving you a tea bag. Only the best leaves for my cyber buddy. I am a bit fond of Lady Grey lately, Twinnings...(but it does come in a bag, sacrifices sacrifices...)
Right I have to go and clean my little sewing area for turtles of the mutant variety need creating...
I may have to go to Spotlight arghhhhhhh.
Hope you have a good day 2paw, and those kids (Harki & Peri of course)treat you well.

Your SecretPal

Happy teacher's day to my favorite SecretPal!
That top is lovely & the fabric is gorgeous too, I think it will be perfect for the wedding.
Those labs of yours are so cute, pretend drops, I'm chuckling to myself just imagining it.

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