We Three Kings of Orient Are...*
Santa Claus is coming, to town...

Christmas where the gum trees grow.....

My Secret Pal is..KAmandamoos_deco_on_the_wayatie from Katie Knits!!!! Da Daaaaa!!!! In fact, I was Katie’s Pal and she was mine. There was some kind of breakdown in communications by the organisers, not that either of us cared!! Katie dyes the loveliest yarn and makes needles rolls etc. You must go there and look!!! I know how lovely her yarn is as I have 2 lots of my own!!!

I had a fabulous time with Secret Pal 6. Thanks Katie!!!

Today I met my brother-in-law and we swapped presents. He is taking them home to my sister, niece and mother for me.  It is my Mum’s birthday present :Inspector Rex  DVD boxed set, though she has no DVD player. We want to buy her one but she is prevaricating. I don’t know how she will watch Rex!!!

I didn’t take a photo of the Advent Calendar I sewed, but I have 3 more to make so I will take on then. I have also made a good start on the Santa Swag for the Madcages. There is a sack, a reindeer, an angel, a wreath and Santa_swag_started_slowlya tree to make. I have almost finished a hanging decoration for Amanda-Moo, too. I will brave the dreaded Spotlight tomorrow to buy wadding and more material for backing and ACMA’s quilt.  I also have to make something extra for BE Niece. I know not what yet, I will have to search my books….

The Labradors are cross, I have been out in the car twice this morning and they haven’t been invited. Harki  sooked and cried when I left. I didn’t wake up until 9-45 am this morning. Harki and Peri were playing romping  rowdy-rebel games on the bed so there was no more sleeping in!!!

Since I managed not to take photos of Sharon’s Secret Santa presents, you can pop along to her blog and see them there. Love my scarf lots!!!!

I have the new Stitch’n’Rude Word Nation and in it are the formulae for converting different ply patterns. I can translate a 10ply to an 8 ply now. I have been waiting for this so I can make my Dr Who Zippy-Uppy Cardigan. I plan to What_the_santa_swag_might_look_like start this straight away after Christmas, and I have my second Wizard Sock to do as well, and Arisaig…. But I can’t resist the call of The Doctor!!! I will make a test sample and then work mathematical wonders with a pencil and paper – no calculators for me. I love maths!!!!!

I have a whole book of Australian Christmas Carols and sons by Leigh Newton; Christmas in the Scrub.  I have just seen he has a new book so I might need to order that. I like Australian Carols and songs as well as the more traditional ones. I sang along with Christmas with the Rat Pack at the weekend!!!

Now I might have another cup of tea and do some more embroidery. There are threads and scraps of material from here to eternity all over the house. I will have to vacuum. Peri hates that, she hides outside.

Peanut Soft Centred Truffles

  • 1/2 cup unsalted crunchy peanut butter
  • 2 tbspn icing sugar
  • 1 1/2 tbspn cocoa
  • 100 g good dark chocolate, melted

Mix the peanut butter, sugar and cocoa and refrigerate till firm. Roll into a log about 25 cm long and refrigerate again.  Cut off 1 cm slices and freeze. When firm, dip into the chocolate and  refrigerate till set!!!



How busy you have been keeping lately! I just had to once again thank you for being such a great SP!

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