Orana! Orana! Orana to Christmas day.
On the First Day of Christmas....

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Vintage_embroidery_thread                                   Be Warned - there are a lot of pictures!!!!


64_fat_quarters_from_acma Auntie Captain Mrs Archer and I have ‘done’ Christmas!!! On Thursday we had both, discretely, decided we would swap presents on Friday as there was a lot happening and Friday was going to be cool. Here are photos of just 3 of my presents, which are too numerous to mention!!!  (64 fat Quarters, vintage embroidery thread in pristine Dr_who_books condition and Dr Who books to name just 3)…..I foolishly left The Labradors’ presents behind, so they will have to wait!!!

I made ACMA a Quilt and a little Christmas wall hanging and I will be knitting her a pair of socks too!!!! I have also finally taken an Advent Calendar photo and  a bauble one too!!!

Advent_calendar Last night I went to ACMA’s house for Christmas Drinks. There were about 20 people and we just had drinks and nibbles, but it was a very convivial evening.  Yesterday I just drank bubbly!!! It is a jolly good thing that I only ever have one glass, because the police were Random Breath Testing on the way home. I can never blow hard enough to make the machine work!!!


Today I went to the vdM’s for tea. It was excellent!! Excellent food, and conversation and presents. It was lovely to see them all. We proclaimed we should get together more often. It was Bauble_wallhanging cool today : windy, hail, some sun, but mostly cool, thank goodness.

Christmas Day:

Today the Labradors had a Christmas Walk and then special Christmas breakfast with liver sprinkles and then a Christmas bone. They were in Christmas heaven!!! Yesterday BE Niece declared she needed a Tarzan costume, so this morning I whipped up a prototype a la Pebbles from the Flintstones. It was way too big, but it was pinned to within an inch of its life and she wore it all day. I went to ACMA’s Mum and Dad’s fro a most delicious lunch.  There was Christmas jollity and then a leisurely swing on ACMA’s mum’s new outdoor swinging seat!!! We sat and chatted after lunch and I didn’t get home till after 7 pm. The Labradors have finally got their presents after all my forgetfulness. They were allowed to have a chewy bone, and after a half hour of Acmas_presents_for_the_labradors Acmas_christmas_wallhanging snoring, they have finally gone to bed.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Goodnight!!!


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