Santa Claus is coming, to town...
Orana! Orana! Orana to Christmas day.

Oh come, all ye faithful.....

             The_front_door_of_acmas_gingerbread_hous              Today we are featuring Aunty Captain Mrs Archer’s Gingerbread House for your delight and entertainment!!! I took photos today for her. The roof stays on now, she is an architect surpassing all others!!

There would be photos of my house, except I forgot to collect it!! It was too hot and I lost the plot. We are all hiding inside now away from the heat, waiting and hoping for a storm!!! The Labradors got a whole box of biscuits from the GardyGardeners for their present today.  Last night the Madcages gave me a lovely mini book with facts and sayings about kitting and a voucher to spend at Spotlight ( the store that can be nAcmas_cake_backamed, at the moment!!)

I have not knitted a thing for days as I have been Christmas Crafting. I made another Advent calendar for the GardyGardeners, but, once again, I forgot to take a photo. I will lose my mind before Christmas actually arrives at this rate.

Things to do:-

Boycott Blue Ribbon products : in 2003 they illegally sacked workers and now, three years later, despite the High Court ruling, the workers are still locked out, without pay or any benefits. Blue Ribbon has been found guilty and they should pay the workers what they are owed. This is not demonstrating fair play or a concern for the workers, who did nothing wrong.

Too_many_sprinkles_are_never_enough Think happy thoughts for my friend who might be having her last Christmas. She has just about exhausted all possible options. They ask for people’s prayers, so think of them whatever your religious persuasion.

Make a *****. Yes, I still have to make ACMA her super special surprise. I think she is starting to be afraid. Each year I make her a present to inspire fear!!! Nothing like fear and loathing to keep you on your toes.

I have posted my last card. I think some people may get 2!! Who knows???? I still have  an Advent Calendar, 2 wall-hangings and something for BE Niece to make. I also have the Christmas Truffles to roll into balls and wrap. I will deliver them all on Friday.

Today is the last day of school for the children, and tomorrow the last for the teachers. Although I miss teaching all the time, on days like this I miss it most : all the fun, the tiredness, the sadness of your class leaving and the excitement of meeting the new. There were always parents who wrote the loveliest letters, thanking you for all your work. This year a boy ACMA and I taught for 2 years was one of only two people in the state to score 99.95/100 on his TCE ( Matric, Years 12 exam) Nick is a great person, with an excellent sense of humour. I remember especially how Nick and his friend spent quite a lot of time ‘mixing’ different shades of black, and naming them : Black, Dark Black, Ebony, Night Black, Medium Black etc …. If you are reading this ever, Nick, thank me for not telling the papier-mache story!!!!!!!

Not long to go now, I am counting the days till Christmas is over and we can all relax!!!

Bah Humbug!!!


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