On the Fourth Day of Christmas....
On the Sixth Day of Christmas....

On the Fifth Day of Christmas....

Don’t fiddle with the layout of your blog. I did, and then I had to republish and move everything back to where I thought it was!! New Year coming…. might ring in a few changes… No!!! I have decided I like the status quo!!!

2_noel_socks_about_to_be_in_a_flap 2 Noel socks about to have their heel flaps started. I had to do extra rows as I was watching Law & Order Ornery and in a yoga kind of way I knitted too many rows on one sock so I had to knit a few more rows on the other one this morning.  The socks are very nice.  I have knitted 17 cm for the leg, I hope that is long enough to be longer than short.

Yesterday afternoon I went with ACMA and ACMA’s sister to see Harry Potter IV again. It was even better the second time , though at first it was too hot in the cinema and I felt more than a little boogelly, but then the air-con kicked in and it was cool again. There were too many small children : and by small I mean not much more than Kinder age. Harry Potter is not for little children in the same way South Park isn’t. Then we had a nice cup of tea and I went home. It has been cooler the last few days but now it is warming up again. The Labradors and I are hiding inside. We didn't wake up till after 8. Well, they were awake a lot earlier and finally woke me up proper at about 8-22 am. They wanted to go and get the paper : it is a ritual where we all go into The Forbidden Zone, and I go out the gate.

I have added quite a few more green things to my collection : some little green woven boxes. They areLittle_boxes_not_all_the_same  all beaded and embellished and one fits inside the other!!!

I am making a coaster with birds cross-stitched in it. I have 2 pink and grey galahs. They are small and simple so I must finish it and give it as part of a gift today.

Coconut Ice

This will last all year. I kid you not. I made my mum some last year for Christmas and she found some in an airtight container in her fridge in December this year, ate it, and it was fine. I really don’t think there is much to go bad in Coconut Ice!!!

  • 125 g copha

  • 500 g pure icing sugar

  • 250 g coconut

  • 2 egg whites, lightly beaten

  • flavourings : vanilla, chocolate, cherry, rosewater, orange blossom, coffee, peppermint etc

  • colouring, if desired

Melt copha gently in a pan over a low heat. Mix the coconut and icing sugar. Add the egg whites, copha and flavouring. Mix very well indeed. Yo can divide it and colour half pink or green as you like. Press very firmly into a tin lined with Gladbake. Refrigerate till set.

You can add melted chocolate, or a little coffee dissolved in some water, a tspn of vanilla extract, orange blossom or rose water, chopped cherries and some cherry brandy…the list is endless. I once made a triple layered coconut ice with chocolate, coffee and vanilla.  I like this much better than the condensed milk version. It is grown up Coconut Ice.


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