Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
On the Second Day of Christmas....

On the First Day of Christmas....

On Christmas….when The Labradors play with their new toys.Harki_plays_with_her_horsie_toy

Christmas where the gum trees grow,

There is no frost and there is no snow,

Christmas in Australia’s hot,

Cold and frosty is what it’s not.

When the bloom of the jacaranda tree is here,

Christmas time is near.

Here we have no snow: I abhor snow people in all their ways, shapes ands forms – they are just notI_love_my_chewy_bone_says_peri  right here. I sing traditional carols and songs but I like the Australian ones just as much. We eat turkey and vegetables and plum pudding but there are prawns and other seafood, pavlovas, salads and lots of fruit. We dress for the Summer, we hope for cool weather on ‘the day’. We have barbies and at 9-30 pm it is still light. We stay outside and we go on holidays ( not me, but real people do!!) The school year is over and everyone is on holidays from work and school  : proper weeks long holidays. The ABC closes down its Current Affairs and I am without proper AM, The World Today and PM. The regular broadcasters are off  having a good rest.  We shop and cook and wrap in the heat. We sit outside cafes in the sweltering heat sipping cool drinks and eating snacky food. We go to the pictures because it will be cool inside. There are giant sales but we try to avoid them,  rarely succeeding. My_christmas_card_2005We lounge about listening to the Boxing Day Test and the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Hobart prepares for the onslaught of the yachties and their QLD.  (Quiet Little Drink – an oxymoron if there ever was one)  We get ready for the start of the new Tennis year and  bemoan the lack of good Aussie players and the way all the sport interferes with our lives!!!

I start thinking about next Christmas and what I might make. I plan for when I will see my friends before they have to go back to work. I nap during the heat of the day and stay up late hoping for a cool breeze. I long for Winter. We all think about how few clothes we can wear and still be decent. I soak my feet in icy cold water and the Labradors play with the hose and dip in their paddle pool.

Here is my Christmas Card for this year. It was very easy and very effective. Inside The Labradors put their Christmas Song. You have to sing to the tune of ‘Six White Boomer’ by Rolf Harris. The Boomers are Kangaroos!!!

Two Labrado-ors, Golden Labrado-ors,

Chasing Santa Claus through the blazing sun.

Two Labrado-ors, Golden Labrado-ors,

Oh, watch out here they come!

Early on one Christmas Eve, a sunny afternoon,

Trees and presents fill over half the room!!

Harki and Peri listen hard, and then they give a Woof:

Santa and his reindeer have landed on the roof!!

Oh, Two Labrado-ors, Golden Labrado-ors,

They’ll get what they want, they have been so good!!

Two Labrado-ors, Golden Labrado-ors,

Love Santa like they should!!!

Harki can see Santa’s sack, and so can Peri Naughty,

There are heaps of presents, I think I count forty.

Santa’s in and leaves the gifts and out the window quickly,

Avoiding happy Labradors is very, very tricky!!

Oh, Two Labrado-ors, Golden Labrado-ors,

Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Harki and Peri and me, of course, too-oo,

Send Christmas Joy to You.

Only 364 days till next Christmas!!!!


rosie dean

Loved the song! You are very very clever. I bought a Rolf Harris cd just the other day and it was on the 'going out for a song' table. A bargain. And yes it did have Six White Boomers, I loved Harki and Peri's version.

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