Christmas where the gum trees grow.....
Oh come, all ye faithful.....

Santa Claus is coming, to town...

The_santa_swag_complete I have knocked over two more presents!!! I have finished the SANTA Swag and Amanda-Moo’s ornament. I also bought The Very Last Weather Photo Calendar from the BOM shop in town. The Madcages really wanted one. Two years ago I won a Jacqui Brown Weather Calendar in a quiz as they had sold out. Last year there wasn’t one. I had just not bothered to go. The  meteoS_arologists thought they had sold out but minutes before I went in the found one lurking in the cupboard!! How lucky is that???

It is very hot today. Too hot to do much at all. I feel hot-boogelly. At least there is a bit of a breeze. The Labradors had a longer walk today  : 22 minutes!!! We usually are 20 minutes on the dot. Harki ran through the bush and left Peri and I alone, together. She came out way up near the big Dam Amandamoos_ornament signs. Peri is very agitated when Harki isn’t there, she looked for Ntaher

frantically and it was like a reunion after 20 years, not 2 minutes,

when they saw each other!!!

Oh, the new Serenity film can be pre-ordered. It comes in a special tin with special extras!!…….but not till February next year.



I may jsut have to pre-order a copy - but Febuary? That's so far away!


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