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  Everyone’s Typepad blogs have been all boogelly. I am republishing mine as per the instructions to see if it ‘reboots’ properly. All over Blogdom, people are confused!!!

Nope – it hasn’t helped one bit, there are still posts missing. The Typepad people assure us all that they are somewhere in the ether, but that remains to be seen……..

Today I have decided it will be Truffles all round this Christmas. It is too hot to be cooking and truffles are much cooler to make : you only need a double boiler or a microwave. The Labradors like it when it is cooler, they have been out in the heavy rain and indulging in rowdy play. ACMA and my Mum will have some cooked things, and maybe the GardyGardeners too, not that truffles are to be sneezed at!!! I have 9 kinds and I will make a double batch of each and fudge too. So the Truffles are:-

1.      Cherry Coconut

2.      Choc-Orange

3.      White Chocolate, Coconut and Lemon

4.      Coffee and Raisin

5.      White Christmas

6.      White Chocolate, Honey and Nut

7.      Peanut Soft Centred

8.      Choc Cherry Brandy

9.      Plain Chocolate

10.  and Super Rich Chocolate Fudge

A not too daunting list after all!!! I have bought all the ingredients and I might start tomorrow. Today I have to make my Christmas cards, write in them, address them and then tomorrow buy stamps and post them!!! Thank goodness it is a whole week till Christmas and they should make it in time after all. Every year I vow I will try to do a little Christmas thing every week, and every year I fail to do this!! Next year I muSp6_flurry_of_excitement_picturest have a plan  : if I make a spreadsheet that might help, it helps me organise other things.

I have received my final SP6 present from my excellently wondrous SP!! I have a very blurry picture of the wrapped gifts, I was very excited, hence the awful photo!!

Inside there was a pattern book with heaps of ideas, even ganseys, which I am intrigued with, as is Sharon. There were treats for the Labradors, which they ate with relish, although they weren’t 'busy' for very long with their razor sharp teeth!!!! The Labradors have felt very spoiled too!! They even had some of the yummy Jelly Babies – they were very delicious and we have eaten them all instead of real food. There is a Pez thingy of Shrek. I am like The Pretender, ( how I loved that show) I have never before had a Pez dispenser, so I have named it Jarod, after him. JaMy_sp6s_final_gifts_for_usrod has had his lollies inserted and I have taunted the Labradors with his spring-powered lolly dispensing power.  My elbows thank you, SP, for the truly divine Body Butter, in soft green with a green scent too. It is so rich it really is buttery!!! There, I have just anointed my elbows again!!!

And last but not least, there is beautiful hand-dyed 100% soysilk, after which I have been lusting!! It was dyed especially for me – how special’s that??  My SP has pronounced it ‘Eucalyptusy’, and a fine name it is too. It is beautiful and smooth to touch and gorgeous to look at – I think it will make a lovely lacy scarf as well. I have, by default, become a scarf maker, though because it is Summer I don’t wear my scarves. I have 3 already and two on the go, plus this special new soysilk.  I need jumpers and cardigans to match my scarves.

I know who my Secret Pal is, but I am waiting till me very late parcel reaches her before I tell.  She has made the whole SP experience a joy, and I couldn’t have wished for a Better SP!!!!!! Thanks you Secret Pal!!!

Cup_cake_hat_almost_finished Now I am off to tidy the kitchen and make Suffolk Puffs – sewing them, not cooking them!!! Oh and I have almost finished the Cup Cake Hat – it needs the ends sewing in and a pom-pom on the top and maybe some long beads for sprinkles!! It is too cute for words.  You can find the pattern here,  but I modified it to fit someone with a head of  52-55 cm( 21-22 inches) in circumference. If anyone wants to know the  details, just LMK. It kind of fits me!!!!

Oh, some of my blog has reappeared, but not the photos yet......stay tuned!!!

*We Three Kings of York Town Square

Stealing teachers' underwear.

So fantastic, No Elastic:

Twenty cents a pair.

Just insert your town or city and a teacher or friend's name and sing away. We did this at assembly one year and the children all brandished appalling underwear ( clean, of course) at the end. Very amusing and not too disrespectful....



My MIL, who no longer knits, gave me that book, it has some lovely things in it. The cupcake hat looks delightful. There has been a discussion on KR forum about typepad, apparently a lot of people have been switching to typepad lately and they have outgrown whatever it is in cyber space they need for so many new bloggers????

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