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Rip Van Winkle - Rip it good!!

Chameleon_2 Huzzah!! I can function again : well sort of. Despite the luscious and overwhelming coolness of the weather, I have been struck down with the Insidious Pale Sleeping Sickness. As well as normal night-time sleeping, I accidentally fell asleep on the couch on Sunday whilst reading for 2 ½ hours, then yesterday afternoon I went to be for  3 ½ hours and only woke up because I set the alarm for Dr Who, and then this morning I took The Labradors for an abbreviated walk and then went back to bed and slept for another 2 ½ hours, only waking up because ACMA rang me.  I have had a whole extra night’s sleep in the last 48 hours. I am quite pale in the nails and gum department, so it is to be expected!! Luckily The Labradors have been trained to nap : It’s a hard job, but somedoggy has to do it!!!!

Sharon asked if I had taught in all the places on my TAG : yes, all except Port Arthur. I even went to Savage River twice!! I lived at home, in one house for 21 years, and then over the next 6 or 7 years I lived in 18 houses : departmental flats, houses, ‘barracks’ , rented houses, mining flats, mining houses…until finally I live in my house, and have done so for almost 18 years with nary a thought of moving again. I hate the whole moving house thing. I like to be in the one place all the time!!!

Katie : everyone also needs a conservatory with lots of plants and one of those lacy iron tables for a tray of tea and cakes and a circular gravel driveway with a central round garden with a fountain!!!!

It was cool enough to knit, and last night while watching Race: The Power of Illusion,  I knitted the remaining 17 row of rib and then  30ish rows of stocking stitch for the second Chameleon sock. It felt good to be knitting again, with a cold breeze coming in the windows and the prospect of a cooler day to come!! I will be knitting tonight too!!!Chairlift_at_the_gorge

Peekaboo_peacock_at_the_gorge At The Gorge last week the peacocks ( definitely not native!!!, but they've established themselves as a tourist attraction now) visited the eating area, from where you can view the chairlift : I think it has the longest span in the Southern Hemisphere???? I have been on it, so it is not too scary!!!

Due to the heat, there were not enough Chocolate Recipes, but I ma determined to finish them : better late than never, so…

Choc-Orange Truffles

  • 200 g good white eating chocolate

  • 60 g butter

  • 60 ml cream

  • ¼ cup icing sugar

  • finely grated zest of one orange

  • 2 tspn orange liqueur or some orange blossom water

  • 200 g good dark eating chocolate

Melt the white chocolate, butter and cream  very gently, then stir to combine. Add the sugar and flavouring, refrigerate in a lined tin till set. Make 20 balls and freeze them. Melt the dark chocolate and then dip the balls to coat them completely. Refrigerate till set. You might like to add a wriggle of orange zest or a little candied peel to decorate. Makes about 20.

Thunderbirds are Go!! T-A-G!!!

Sharon ‘Tagged’ me, so here goes!!!!!

Four Jobs One Job You’ve Had in Your Life

  1. Teacher : that’s it : I have only ever had one job.

*Is being retired a job? I think not!!!

Four Movies You’ve Watched Over and Over

  1. Pride and Prejudice – the BBC Version

  2. Chariots of Fire

  3. ID4

  4. Star Wars IV: A New Hope – The Original

Four Seven* Places you have Lived

  1. Hobart

  2. Port Arthur

  3. Queenstown

  4. Savage River

  5. Burnie

  6. Ulverstone

  7. Launceston

* I cribbed 3 from #1 – Jobs I have Had!!!

Four Places You’ve Been on Holiday ( we don’t do vacations here)

  1. Tasmania

  2. Queensland

  3. New Zealand

  4. Nowhere else, I don’t go on holiday, my last one was 20 years ago!!!

Four Websites You Visit Daily

  1. IMDB

  2. ABC TV Guide

  3. The Library

  4. The Blogs in my sidebar!!!!

Four of Your Favourite Foods

  1. Crisps – Plain

  2. Cheese in all its ways, shapes and forms

  3. Raspberries

  4. Tea  (OK it’s not a food, but I love cups of tea)

Four Two Places You Would Rather Be Right Now

  1. Somewhere Cold – anywhere where its cool, cold, freezing and wintry

  2. In a house with a Library and a green leather chair and a fire and The Labradors

OK, can I take The Labradors?….. because let’s face it, I’m not going anywhere without them!!!

See how I can't ever, ever, follow the formula properly. I never quite fit the pattern : story of my life!!!!

Test Pattern Blogging*

Wheres_the_water_gone I must apologise now. My blog has become a weather blog. I am my own BOM!! Yes, it is still hot, we are melting. I withdrew to Millie’s mum’s house yesterday. It was so cool. We sat inside and out and it was COOL!!

The Labradors played with the hose and the paddle pool, Peri in the pool, Harki out!!! You can see how the game goes from the photos.

When I come home and open the back door it is like stepping off the plane at Coolangatta : it is so overwhelming hot that you think you have stepped into the jet exhaust, but, No!! It is just that hot…..

I have not knitted, I backed my second to last Christmas gift, and embellished it, in the true sense of the word : with bells!!! ACMA Here_it_comes bought Blackpool – Huzzah!!! I think we need Shameless as well!!!

My life is being lived in a mirage of shimmering heat. I am hoping it will rain soon, or that there will be a cool breeze. No wonder Katt and I think that the Knitting Olympics is  something we can just not be involved in. 

I have read 2 of the William Nicholson books today and I have started the third. I also have his new book Seeker from the Library today. Millie’s dad lent me 2 Long_christmas_wallhanging Jeffrey Archer diaries, so I will start those too.

*Normal programming will be resumed as soon as the weather returns to normal : ie cold and colder.

Black is back : ooh ooh ooh...

Peri_aint_heavy_shes_harkis_sister Wednesday

Why was all the text in the last post black?? I have no idea. It must be the heat...For all the Knitting Coveners who want to knit socks in the same colour as ACMA’s Noel Socks : it is Regia 4-fadig Ringel Color #5048 , name: Clown!!!! How apt!! Wear these socks for clowning about in!!! ACMA will be chuffed to know this is the name of the colour : it is a beautiful mixture of the eight different shades.

Yes, I picked up my Winter Interweave Knits 2 days ago and now the Spring preview is on their site!!!

I wore myself out totally yesterday. This is what I have done today : in the morning I watched Dr Who from last night and checked emails, blogs etc, and in the afternoon I slept for 3 hours.


I don’t need to have buckets of cold water thrown over me to make me melt like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz*. I have been melting all day and am still melting at 30*C at 11pm at night. The relentless heat…It Vundy_and_tori_own_the_couch is like being in the Foreign Legion, but with none of the benefits ( are there any??) only the heat, the endless heat……

This afternoon I wedged the hose in the edge of the decking and aimed it at the paddle pool so as not to waste water and then The Labradors could be cool. Peri was in the pool and Harki was biting the water. Every time she bit the water she interrupted the flow and Peri was perplexed as to why it had disappeared t: and then it would start again. They played for about 20 minutes and got very wet and very cool.

There is nothing else I can talk about as Terry Pratchett** Troll that I am,  my brain has ceased to function : I said ‘Lunder and thightning’, I couldn’t remember the word for radio and I lost 2 lists today. I was absolutely unable to function. Of course now I can’t sleep as it is 30*C in the house and not much cooler outside. I cannot read, I cannot knit***, I cannot do anything. I know I should be positive and happy about the superb weather. I did try, but I just can’t do it!!!!

Autumn, come home, all is forgiven…I miss you. I need you!!!  I want to be cool and happy!!!!!****

* Too hot to IMDB a link...

** Still to apathetic to be bothered with a link or even some small form of explanation. Make up your own, it's probably better than mine. I can't even summon the energy to take a photo of the Crowded House Mini Quilt ( four Seasons in one Quilt) let alone write about it!!!

*** Socks, schmocks.

****There will be gratuitous pictures of dogs. They make me happy.

All Labradors and German Shepherds - All the Time

It has been too hot even to think and we have been recovering. Harki wouldn’t be under the hose, Peri paddledVundy_thinksthere_are_3_of_us_now  in the pool a little – so when they weren’t looking I tipped a kettle full of cold water over them. It was good : it was cool, it was wet – it was Wunderbar!!!

A huge round of applause for Aunty Captain Mrs Archer. She scanned some of my photos into her computer and then saved them to my memory stick. I managed to transfer all but 2 photos to my photo programme thingy and now I have 22 new photos of Vundy the German Shepherd, Tori Too, Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey and Peri Naughty the Golden Labradors. I have cropped them and named them and made new folders and transferred them to my Photo Album. I love, love, love my new photos!! I am adding them to my screen saver as well!!! I am indulging myself and I don't care!!!

Dog Biographies : The Expurgated Version!!!

Vundy_on_frisbee_duty Vundy the German Shepherd ( from the ‘V’ litter of pups)  She had no nickname as this would demean such a noble personage. She was born the 18th July 1989 and lived to be just about 15. Vundy was on constant alert and apart from watching the street, her other job was playing with the Frisbee. She thought I loved to play the Frisbee game and made it her singular task to please me. She was most obedient, loving and loyal,  and a wonderful big sister to all the Labradors : patient and kind and like a big lion occasionally, swatting them withTori_baby her paw when they got too uppity.

ToriToo the Golden Labrador ( Real name something like Amethyst Foo Foo Victoria the 3rd) Tori was born on the 16th of October 1989 and came to live here on Christmas Eve. Tori was very British : stiff upper lip and all that, so she was named after Queen Victoria. She loved Vundy.  By her first Easter I found that she had very bad hip dysplasia and she was a cripple. She was stoic and brave, she had a big double hip operation where Dr Malcolm cut some tendons and let her hips roam free!! And she had a football injury when she had to have her cruchet ligament repaired. She was secretly in charge of Vundy – or Vundy indulged her. She owned the couch, the fire, the bed, and sometimes the top of the stairs.  Tori lived to be 12 ½, such a long time. I never thought she would live so long.


Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey was born on the 17th of August 1999 and came to live with us about 2 years before ToriToo died. Her mother is Willow and her father ; Dougall. Harki is an Angel; She is the most clever dog in the whole world and the most obedient and cute!!! She has learned word and hand signal commands and is only naughty once in a blue moon. Harki loved Vundy and Tori and though she was very submissive, now she is Top Dog. Harki is 6 now loves to play and be with you and she is quite liking a swim every now and then!!

Peri Naughty was born on the 10th of January 2002 and came to live here about 2 Periinabox years before Vundy died. Peri was so naughty, that’s why she is so named. She chewed everything, ran away, annoyed the big dogs – she was like a whirlwind : She was Maria!!! She loved Vundy, and followed her everywhere. She would prod and poke away, niggling, until Vundy would growl at her and give her a bop on the head with her paw. Vundy was gentle, yet firm, with all the new puppies. Peri is Peri Good Girl usually, especially since she has turned 4.

I am in a paradise of pictures!!


Today was Knitting Coven day and we were all agog at these knitters :  Sharon has 5 new balls of Opal  sock wool , Margaret is making a Clapotis, Suzi is making socks and a cap, Katt is making a jumper, Sandra D is making a cat bed ( I think!!!) and Cathy is resting her wrist. I knitted my scarf.

I have the new Interweave Knits Winter. It is excellent and I plan on making several things, but first, I think, the wrap around thingy on the cover!!!

I made 6 trips from the car to the Forbidden Zone and then 6 more down to the house with 2 bags of groceries, a knitting bag and three 4kg bags of dry dog food. I wore myself out. I can’t summon the energy to take the rubbish and recycling up tonight. I will have to save my strength ( such that it is ) for that tomorrow.

It is quite late, but cool!! I may add some captions to The Labradors and Vundy Album, or I may not : I have such a cavalier attitude !!! Nope. I am doing it tomorrow. ACMA has emailed me : she has had a Blackpool disaster. We love Blackpool and she may have taped over an episode. Quelle horreur!!! I must assist her immediately.

Mystic Knitzza

I_can_see_you Our Menu Today consists of thinly sliced celery, plump white rice, all gently poached in a broth of prawn heads and tails and served with some dry food accompaniment!!! This is the most delicious of meals if you are a Labrador.  I saved the liquid too and poured it over their breakfast and they are devouring it at twice the speed of Labrador Eating : Mach 42.  It is by far the most wonderful thing they have ever eaten, the say!!!

Yesterday was not too hot for words, but from early this morning it has been heating up to hellish proportions. There is a Total Fire Ban State-wide and it will be at least 37*C in Hobart – a little cooler here I hope. There are already bushfires burning and they expect more to start. Bushfires are our worst threat her. We don’t really have giant hail storms or all-engulfing floods, Any_quilt_any_time_any_where_peri well not since early last last century when they built the levies. It is really hard to type as Harki and Peri are both here butting me with their heads to be patted and telling me how they enjoyed their food. Peri is carrying her dish away somewhere safe to lick it all clean.

I have closed all the curtains and opened windows a little to let in any cool breezes that might come. The BOM has predicted that we will have thunderstorms tonight. Hooray!!!

Peri has been helping me photograph my knitting and Harki has been our Look Now_it_looks_more_even Out. The weirdness of knitting has prevailed and now my scarf has evened out. It looks the same width all the way up now. I took the last photo from a BEV, the same as this one. How can this happen? It is one of the mysteries of knitting.

Because I am hot and the heat makes me feel bad when it comes on top of everything else, I have been catching up on TV Big Time. I am up to a fortnight ago. I am in the middle of watching Gilmore Girls. This is such a cool show : the dialogue is riveting, the repartee Tracy and Hepburn-like (too lazy to find a link - you know who they are!!) and the characters amusingly quirky.  I will stall soon, as I will come to the double episode of Carnivale from last Sunday. You have to watch this carefully and with concentration. I think there might be another Monk too!!!

Chocolate Recipe #5

White Christmas Truffles

  • 250g glace fruit, chopped

  • 300g good eating white chocolate

  • 15g butter

  • ½ cup icing sugar

  • 160g nuts, chopped

Melt the butter and chocolate gently.  Stir in all the other ingredients and refrigerate till it is set. Roll into balls and keep in the fridge. Makes about 20 and these are particularly delicious!!.

If a Picture Paints a Thousand Smells it wouldn't be Enough...

Yesterday I talked to a real person!! I hadn’t for 2 days. I am not lonely at all, and I have plenty to do : sleep, nap, Labradors, reading, knitting, TV etc , so I like to think I am alone, rather than sad and lonely. I am too tired to go oDivergence_i_am_sureut all the time and I am reduced to eating weird concoctions made from whatever food I happen to have!!!! Yesterday I rested again and then ACMA rang to invite me for tea, as her family were leaving to go back to Macau. I was glad I had done little or nothing for the previous 3 days so I was able to muster up a soupcon of enthusiasm and I went. There were prawns and chicken wings and a Jamie salad with avocado and then passionfruit and peach semi-freddo with strawberries. ( I made it last year and ACMA pulled it magically from her freezer!!)

It was a very convivial evening. We played an excellent game called Flounder, a kind of evil version of Beetle. It was very good even though I lost terribly!!!

What is happening with my Night-time in the North Scarf? I have knitted about the same amount as I had already done, and it is diverging. I was sure I had used 3.25mm needles, just like the wool label called for, but now I have the horrible feeling that I might have used 2.75mm.  Now I am in a quandary – should I unravel or just hope for the best and block? Foolishly, I didn’t write down the needle size. Surely I would have been guided by the wool label?? You think??? Maybe I knit more loosely when it is hot? This could be the case, it has been hot and when I compare the beginning with where I am up to now, they aren’t actually empirically different. It is a mystery. It could just be an optical illusion. I hPeri_very_smellyope….

Peri rolled in something unmentionable yesterday. She was so smelly I didn’t want  her near me. At All. For All Day. She, of course, was most upset and just wanted to be included in everything. She stole Harki’s toy and tried to sidle up to me at every opportunity. I didn’t have the energy to be able to bath her, so she went into the paddle pool and that really helped. This morning the smell is gone. Harki has been playing with her fish in a plastic bag. It is almost at the end of its useful life.

  ‘False Impression’ : Ok to bad. ‘Seven Ancient Wonders’ : good to very good!! I read it yesteHarki_and_unnemorday morning and it was a jolly good tale a la Indiana Jones, but with an Aussie hero at last. I am a very fast reader. I read incredibly fast. I devour books. These two are both back in the Library already and I have 3 new books, a whole YA series, by William Nicholson.

Chocolate Recipe #4

Chocolate Cherry Rounds

  • 125g butter

  • 2 cups icing sugar

  • 60ml cream

  • 2 cups coconut

  • 100 g red glace cherries, chopped , more if you like ( I do!!)

  • red/pink food colouring , cherry flavouring – optional

  • 200g good dark eating chocolate, melted

Melt the butter and cream and then stir in the sugar, coconut and cherries. Add some colouring and extra flavour if you like, then refrigerate till set. Cut into cubes or roll into balls and dip into the chocolate. Refrigerate again till set. Makes about 35. These taste a tiny bit like a commercially sold cherry and coconut chocolate bar.

Wheatgate? I haven't gone past the back gate!!!

The Australian Wheat Board – we have Wheatgate, our very own Watergate. How could they give a ‘bribe’ of $300,000,000 to the Iraqi regime?? This is beyond me. Who else knew? Was the Board funding very bad things? Can’t they even destroy incriminating emails?? I don’t think they are even up to the standard of incompetency that rates a ‘gate’.

Inside_my_new_book Today I woke up so late there was no walk. I ‘rested’ and  only went up the stairs to get the paper. Peri has been sunbaking and Harki has been playing with her giant Nemo style fish toy. It is an ex-fish now, only the outside is left!!!

They have had lovely zucchini, celery and rice for breakfast. They were most insistent I get up this morning. They wanted a walk, but it was just not going to happen!!!

Yesterday I read Jeffrey Archer’s new book : False Impression. I didn’t enjoy it really. It was a quick read, so that was a bonus. It was the kind of book that comes 7th or 8th in a Science Fiction or Fantasy epic series. You read it :  it is obligatory, but it’s not that good. I have Matthew Reilley’s new book to read too. It is called ‘Seven Ancient Wonders’ except in the USA where it is titled ‘7 Deadly Wonders’- Why??? I have emailed the author to ask. I was trying to add it to my reading list and the little cover picture wasn’t available. I was sure it would be published in America, and so I searched under the author’s name and there it was. I know the first Potter book had a different title and so do some McCaffrey books. It is all very confusing.

I practised for my Knitting Commonwealth games. I knitted a tension rectangle. I did a nice garter stitch borderA_quick_swatch_very_badly_done  and  wonky stocking stitch in the centre. The 4mm casein needles are great, but after using 2.25mm for socks for weeks now, they felt like broomsticks. I need to get back into my 4mm rhythm. When I measured 2.5cm there were 7 1/2 stitches, but I washed it and dried it and then I had a tension of 6 stitches. This is much better. It gives me more leeway if I want to knit to the Budd Book using smaller needles. I used the darkest of the Bendigo Green Wool. There is a middle green and a very light one too. I am not sure which colour to use : Celery, Guava or Sequoia in lightest to darkest order. I am thinking the Guava colour as I am wont to choose the middle way. The next step is to choose the logos and buy the wool for them. I have about 7 or 8 weeks to be fully prepared for my record breaking attempt!!!

And now, Chocolate Recipe #3.

Peanut Soft Centres

  • ½ cup crunchy unsalted peanut butter

  • 2 tbspn icing sugar

  • 2 tbspn cocoa

  • 100g or so of good dark chocolate, melted

Mix the first 3 ingredients well and refrigerated till firm. Then roll into a log about 25cm long. Cut off slices 1cm thick and freeze them. When they are frozen, dip them into the chocolate and refrigerate again till set. Makes about 25.

You could use any nut butter – I have seen almond, eg, or make your own!!!

Four Fotos (Labradors are so cute)

Good_girl_harki The Yarn Harlot is having a Knitting Olympics to tie in with the Winter Olympics in Torino. This is a worthy challenge, but it is still too hot here to be knitting like an Olympian. I think, although I am philosophically opposed to them on account of the whole hereditary monarchy thing, I might do a Knitting Commonwealth Games. The CGs take place between the 15th and 26th or March, that’s 12 days. I reckon I can completely knit something challeGood_girl_peringing in 12 days.

Oh, my new book just arrived : The Knitter’s Handy Book of  Sweater ( Jumper) Patterns by Ann Budd. It is so cool. I love it!!! I have added it to my reading list on the right. It has purple elastic to hold it open or closed and is kind of spiral bound. I am going to get out my pencil and paper and work out the pattern for the Dr Who Zippy-Uppy Cardigan. This could be my Commonwealth Games Challenge!!! I must decide on which logos to use. I want Peri_loves_the_gardygardeners one for the front in the school blazer badge/pocket position and one for the back. I am thinking of design #1, possibly #2 for the back and then #4 or #5 for the front. I really .like #6 but it won’t show up as well I think with the embroidery. I am leaning towards #1 and #5. Katie sent the logos to me during SP6 and I love them!!!

Hi Rachael!! Well done, you are the IT Girl – you could be Clara Bow!!!! I don’t Harki_looks_up_at_the_gardygardeners know why some blogs forbid you to enter : it happens to me too.

The GardyGardeners came today and Peri was so excited. She ran about the house, looking out the window, running to the front door, all bright eyed and alert. Harki waited in the hall, looking at the door rather more patiently!!! We all had a decent night’s sleep last night as it was cool – not cold, but cool. Of course this morning the Sun is out again, but it is not overwhelmingly hot. Hurray!!

I have rested this morning, we had lovely mini-pikelets with jam for morning tea, easy-peasy. I am going for a cup of tea with ACMA at 2pm and we are going to look at maths books for school. I love maths so I am excited she invited me along!!!

Here we go :  Chocolate Recipe #2

Coffee Truffles

  • 180 g  sultanas and raisins, chopped

  • 100 g glace cherries, chopped

  • 2 tspn powdered coffee

  • 60 g nuts, chopped

  • 250 g Philly cheese

  • 125 g dark eating chocolate

  • ¼ cup icing sugar

  • extra finely chopped nuts or cocoa for rolling

Gently melt the Philly, and chocolate in the microwave, and then stir in the icing sugar and coffee. Mix in the remaining ingredients and refrigerate in a lined square or rectangular container. When cold, use the shape to help you cut even cubes, roll into balls if you like, and then in the nuts or cocoa.  Makes about 30.

24 ( no Kiefer) TV days to go!!!

Today at 7-30 am it was already 18*C. The coolest place to be for The Labradors, apart from the dam, is in the bathroom and Peri has been in there asleep on the tiles. Harki is a bit too devoted to me so she lies next to me wherever I sit and melts a little more.

I haven’t knitted anything so far today. Last night I did a pattern repeat on the second Wizard Sock, but it was The_rain_clouds_gather_1 just too hot to knit. The wool all stuck to the needles and I had to keep washing my hands : likewise today. Quite a lot of us are melting. It is because I have , momentarily, become Anti-Cool!!!! Obviously that’s it!!

I have been in bed or on the couch watching TV and I have caught up to the week before Christmas 2005. Huzzah!! Only 24 days’ worth of TV to watch and I am up to…… now!!!

I have been sitting here thinking there were bush fires somewhere – and No, we don’t call them wild fires, despite the media’s wont to do so – they are bush fires. And then I realised it is the Raindrops_start_fallin_on_my_head smell of the Lapsang Souchong tea emanating from the packet. I made tea at the table and the packet is still here. Thank heavens there is no fire. We are coming up to the anniversary of the big ’67 bush fires soon. Ah yes, I remember them well. We don’t want any more like that.

I am just back from the Holman Clinic from The Appointment To Make Up For The One I Forgot Last Week. My Hb is low again (91) and no wonder I am feeling puffed out and pale and it Cherry_cherry_babyalso explains why I am not hungry!!! My Liver Function is excellent!! ( I don’t know what that means but I am very happy!!!) I cast on and started knitting the second Chameleon Sock in the Waiting Room.  I left home at 3-25 and my appointment was at 3-45. Dr B is always late and so I never wear a watch. I stopped at the Greengrocer afterwards and made it home at 4-55. I think there was quite a bit of waiting!! I am eating lusciously large and sweetly tasty local cherries. The Labradors like them, but they only managed to snare one each!!!

It is raining!! It is raining really, really hard. It is so hard you are soaked in a few seconds if you stand outside.  While it is still 28*C inside, outside the temperature is plummeting – it is 17*C and falling fast. I have opened every available window and door to catch the cold. Peri can stop sleeping in the bathroom and Harki just wants to run and play in the rain!!! It smells all rainy now......

I have painted my toenails green. I can’t do the whole fingernail polish thing as I just chip it off as soon as it’s applied, so I did my toes. And very nice it is too. I need greener polish though.

Yesterday I should have added to my list – I cannot remember to add a chocolate recipe!! So here is #1.

Chocolate Fudge ( so easy you can make it all the time)

  • 125 g butter, cubed

  • 180ml evaporated milk – not Light, the normal fat one : hey, we’re using chocolate, marshmallows, butter, sugar : what’s a little milk fat???

  • 100 g white marshmallows

  • 330 g caster sugar

  • 185 – 200 g good dark eating chocolate, broken into pieces

  • 1 tspn vanilla extract

Place the first 4 ingredients into the microwave in a large glass bowl – or whatever you use – and cook  on MedHi for 5 minutes and stir well. Then cook for another 10 minutes on MedHi. Do not stir. Mix in the chocolate and vanilla and pour into a lined tin. Refrigerate. Cut with a hot sharp knife, and dust with cocoa if you like.

You can vary the type of chocolate : milk, white or a mixture, and also the flavourings : coffee, brandy, etc and add nuts, sultanas, glace cherries etc.

It is always delicious.