Things What I Cannot Do
Four Fotos (Labradors are so cute)

24 ( no Kiefer) TV days to go!!!

Today at 7-30 am it was already 18*C. The coolest place to be for The Labradors, apart from the dam, is in the bathroom and Peri has been in there asleep on the tiles. Harki is a bit too devoted to me so she lies next to me wherever I sit and melts a little more.

I haven’t knitted anything so far today. Last night I did a pattern repeat on the second Wizard Sock, but it was The_rain_clouds_gather_1 just too hot to knit. The wool all stuck to the needles and I had to keep washing my hands : likewise today. Quite a lot of us are melting. It is because I have , momentarily, become Anti-Cool!!!! Obviously that’s it!!

I have been in bed or on the couch watching TV and I have caught up to the week before Christmas 2005. Huzzah!! Only 24 days’ worth of TV to watch and I am up to…… now!!!

I have been sitting here thinking there were bush fires somewhere – and No, we don’t call them wild fires, despite the media’s wont to do so – they are bush fires. And then I realised it is the Raindrops_start_fallin_on_my_head smell of the Lapsang Souchong tea emanating from the packet. I made tea at the table and the packet is still here. Thank heavens there is no fire. We are coming up to the anniversary of the big ’67 bush fires soon. Ah yes, I remember them well. We don’t want any more like that.

I am just back from the Holman Clinic from The Appointment To Make Up For The One I Forgot Last Week. My Hb is low again (91) and no wonder I am feeling puffed out and pale and it Cherry_cherry_babyalso explains why I am not hungry!!! My Liver Function is excellent!! ( I don’t know what that means but I am very happy!!!) I cast on and started knitting the second Chameleon Sock in the Waiting Room.  I left home at 3-25 and my appointment was at 3-45. Dr B is always late and so I never wear a watch. I stopped at the Greengrocer afterwards and made it home at 4-55. I think there was quite a bit of waiting!! I am eating lusciously large and sweetly tasty local cherries. The Labradors like them, but they only managed to snare one each!!!

It is raining!! It is raining really, really hard. It is so hard you are soaked in a few seconds if you stand outside.  While it is still 28*C inside, outside the temperature is plummeting – it is 17*C and falling fast. I have opened every available window and door to catch the cold. Peri can stop sleeping in the bathroom and Harki just wants to run and play in the rain!!! It smells all rainy now......

I have painted my toenails green. I can’t do the whole fingernail polish thing as I just chip it off as soon as it’s applied, so I did my toes. And very nice it is too. I need greener polish though.

Yesterday I should have added to my list – I cannot remember to add a chocolate recipe!! So here is #1.

Chocolate Fudge ( so easy you can make it all the time)

  • 125 g butter, cubed

  • 180ml evaporated milk – not Light, the normal fat one : hey, we’re using chocolate, marshmallows, butter, sugar : what’s a little milk fat???

  • 100 g white marshmallows

  • 330 g caster sugar

  • 185 – 200 g good dark eating chocolate, broken into pieces

  • 1 tspn vanilla extract

Place the first 4 ingredients into the microwave in a large glass bowl – or whatever you use – and cook  on MedHi for 5 minutes and stir well. Then cook for another 10 minutes on MedHi. Do not stir. Mix in the chocolate and vanilla and pour into a lined tin. Refrigerate. Cut with a hot sharp knife, and dust with cocoa if you like.

You can vary the type of chocolate : milk, white or a mixture, and also the flavourings : coffee, brandy, etc and add nuts, sultanas, glace cherries etc.

It is always delicious.



I got in, yippeee! I figured it out, I think! nice to catch up with you!

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