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All Labradors and German Shepherds - All the Time

It has been too hot even to think and we have been recovering. Harki wouldn’t be under the hose, Peri paddledVundy_thinksthere_are_3_of_us_now  in the pool a little – so when they weren’t looking I tipped a kettle full of cold water over them. It was good : it was cool, it was wet – it was Wunderbar!!!

A huge round of applause for Aunty Captain Mrs Archer. She scanned some of my photos into her computer and then saved them to my memory stick. I managed to transfer all but 2 photos to my photo programme thingy and now I have 22 new photos of Vundy the German Shepherd, Tori Too, Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey and Peri Naughty the Golden Labradors. I have cropped them and named them and made new folders and transferred them to my Photo Album. I love, love, love my new photos!! I am adding them to my screen saver as well!!! I am indulging myself and I don't care!!!

Dog Biographies : The Expurgated Version!!!

Vundy_on_frisbee_duty Vundy the German Shepherd ( from the ‘V’ litter of pups)  She had no nickname as this would demean such a noble personage. She was born the 18th July 1989 and lived to be just about 15. Vundy was on constant alert and apart from watching the street, her other job was playing with the Frisbee. She thought I loved to play the Frisbee game and made it her singular task to please me. She was most obedient, loving and loyal,  and a wonderful big sister to all the Labradors : patient and kind and like a big lion occasionally, swatting them withTori_baby her paw when they got too uppity.

ToriToo the Golden Labrador ( Real name something like Amethyst Foo Foo Victoria the 3rd) Tori was born on the 16th of October 1989 and came to live here on Christmas Eve. Tori was very British : stiff upper lip and all that, so she was named after Queen Victoria. She loved Vundy.  By her first Easter I found that she had very bad hip dysplasia and she was a cripple. She was stoic and brave, she had a big double hip operation where Dr Malcolm cut some tendons and let her hips roam free!! And she had a football injury when she had to have her cruchet ligament repaired. She was secretly in charge of Vundy – or Vundy indulged her. She owned the couch, the fire, the bed, and sometimes the top of the stairs.  Tori lived to be 12 ½, such a long time. I never thought she would live so long.


Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey was born on the 17th of August 1999 and came to live with us about 2 years before ToriToo died. Her mother is Willow and her father ; Dougall. Harki is an Angel; She is the most clever dog in the whole world and the most obedient and cute!!! She has learned word and hand signal commands and is only naughty once in a blue moon. Harki loved Vundy and Tori and though she was very submissive, now she is Top Dog. Harki is 6 now loves to play and be with you and she is quite liking a swim every now and then!!

Peri Naughty was born on the 10th of January 2002 and came to live here about 2 Periinabox years before Vundy died. Peri was so naughty, that’s why she is so named. She chewed everything, ran away, annoyed the big dogs – she was like a whirlwind : She was Maria!!! She loved Vundy, and followed her everywhere. She would prod and poke away, niggling, until Vundy would growl at her and give her a bop on the head with her paw. Vundy was gentle, yet firm, with all the new puppies. Peri is Peri Good Girl usually, especially since she has turned 4.

I am in a paradise of pictures!!


Today was Knitting Coven day and we were all agog at these knitters :  Sharon has 5 new balls of Opal  sock wool , Margaret is making a Clapotis, Suzi is making socks and a cap, Katt is making a jumper, Sandra D is making a cat bed ( I think!!!) and Cathy is resting her wrist. I knitted my scarf.

I have the new Interweave Knits Winter. It is excellent and I plan on making several things, but first, I think, the wrap around thingy on the cover!!!

I made 6 trips from the car to the Forbidden Zone and then 6 more down to the house with 2 bags of groceries, a knitting bag and three 4kg bags of dry dog food. I wore myself out. I can’t summon the energy to take the rubbish and recycling up tonight. I will have to save my strength ( such that it is ) for that tomorrow.

It is quite late, but cool!! I may add some captions to The Labradors and Vundy Album, or I may not : I have such a cavalier attitude !!! Nope. I am doing it tomorrow. ACMA has emailed me : she has had a Blackpool disaster. We love Blackpool and she may have taped over an episode. Quelle horreur!!! I must assist her immediately.



Oh those photos of your lovely dogs are just beautiful. How nice that you can now have them around you on screensavers etc. especially of the ones that are now in puppy dog heaven.


Looooooooooove the photos of the dogs.

How beautiful was Vundy?

I have loved German Shepards since my Dad had them when I was growing up.


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