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Black is back : ooh ooh ooh...

Peri_aint_heavy_shes_harkis_sister Wednesday

Why was all the text in the last post black?? I have no idea. It must be the heat...For all the Knitting Coveners who want to knit socks in the same colour as ACMA’s Noel Socks : it is Regia 4-fadig Ringel Color #5048 , name: Clown!!!! How apt!! Wear these socks for clowning about in!!! ACMA will be chuffed to know this is the name of the colour : it is a beautiful mixture of the eight different shades.

Yes, I picked up my Winter Interweave Knits 2 days ago and now the Spring preview is on their site!!!

I wore myself out totally yesterday. This is what I have done today : in the morning I watched Dr Who from last night and checked emails, blogs etc, and in the afternoon I slept for 3 hours.


I don’t need to have buckets of cold water thrown over me to make me melt like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz*. I have been melting all day and am still melting at 30*C at 11pm at night. The relentless heat…It Vundy_and_tori_own_the_couch is like being in the Foreign Legion, but with none of the benefits ( are there any??) only the heat, the endless heat……

This afternoon I wedged the hose in the edge of the decking and aimed it at the paddle pool so as not to waste water and then The Labradors could be cool. Peri was in the pool and Harki was biting the water. Every time she bit the water she interrupted the flow and Peri was perplexed as to why it had disappeared t: and then it would start again. They played for about 20 minutes and got very wet and very cool.

There is nothing else I can talk about as Terry Pratchett** Troll that I am,  my brain has ceased to function : I said ‘Lunder and thightning’, I couldn’t remember the word for radio and I lost 2 lists today. I was absolutely unable to function. Of course now I can’t sleep as it is 30*C in the house and not much cooler outside. I cannot read, I cannot knit***, I cannot do anything. I know I should be positive and happy about the superb weather. I did try, but I just can’t do it!!!!

Autumn, come home, all is forgiven…I miss you. I need you!!!  I want to be cool and happy!!!!!****

* Too hot to IMDB a link...

** Still to apathetic to be bothered with a link or even some small form of explanation. Make up your own, it's probably better than mine. I can't even summon the energy to take a photo of the Crowded House Mini Quilt ( four Seasons in one Quilt) let alone write about it!!!

*** Socks, schmocks.

****There will be gratuitous pictures of dogs. They make me happy.



He he what a great name for the sock yarn, we will be a bunch of clowns together.


love all your pics. I agree, the heat has just been dreadful! There's no escaping today either.


Labradors rock

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