24 ( no Kiefer) TV days to go!!!
Wheatgate? I haven't gone past the back gate!!!

Four Fotos (Labradors are so cute)

Good_girl_harki The Yarn Harlot is having a Knitting Olympics to tie in with the Winter Olympics in Torino. This is a worthy challenge, but it is still too hot here to be knitting like an Olympian. I think, although I am philosophically opposed to them on account of the whole hereditary monarchy thing, I might do a Knitting Commonwealth Games. The CGs take place between the 15th and 26th or March, that’s 12 days. I reckon I can completely knit something challeGood_girl_peringing in 12 days.

Oh, my new book just arrived : The Knitter’s Handy Book of  Sweater ( Jumper) Patterns by Ann Budd. It is so cool. I love it!!! I have added it to my reading list on the right. It has purple elastic to hold it open or closed and is kind of spiral bound. I am going to get out my pencil and paper and work out the pattern for the Dr Who Zippy-Uppy Cardigan. This could be my Commonwealth Games Challenge!!! I must decide on which logos to use. I want Peri_loves_the_gardygardeners one for the front in the school blazer badge/pocket position and one for the back. I am thinking of design #1, possibly #2 for the back and then #4 or #5 for the front. I really .like #6 but it won’t show up as well I think with the embroidery. I am leaning towards #1 and #5. Katie sent the logos to me during SP6 and I love them!!!

Hi Rachael!! Well done, you are the IT Girl – you could be Clara Bow!!!! I don’t Harki_looks_up_at_the_gardygardeners know why some blogs forbid you to enter : it happens to me too.

The GardyGardeners came today and Peri was so excited. She ran about the house, looking out the window, running to the front door, all bright eyed and alert. Harki waited in the hall, looking at the door rather more patiently!!! We all had a decent night’s sleep last night as it was cool – not cold, but cool. Of course this morning the Sun is out again, but it is not overwhelmingly hot. Hurray!!

I have rested this morning, we had lovely mini-pikelets with jam for morning tea, easy-peasy. I am going for a cup of tea with ACMA at 2pm and we are going to look at maths books for school. I love maths so I am excited she invited me along!!!

Here we go :  Chocolate Recipe #2

Coffee Truffles

  • 180 g  sultanas and raisins, chopped

  • 100 g glace cherries, chopped

  • 2 tspn powdered coffee

  • 60 g nuts, chopped

  • 250 g Philly cheese

  • 125 g dark eating chocolate

  • ¼ cup icing sugar

  • extra finely chopped nuts or cocoa for rolling

Gently melt the Philly, and chocolate in the microwave, and then stir in the icing sugar and coffee. Mix in the remaining ingredients and refrigerate in a lined square or rectangular container. When cold, use the shape to help you cut even cubes, roll into balls if you like, and then in the nuts or cocoa.  Makes about 30.



I got back in today too!

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