Wheatgate? I haven't gone past the back gate!!!
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If a Picture Paints a Thousand Smells it wouldn't be Enough...

Yesterday I talked to a real person!! I hadn’t for 2 days. I am not lonely at all, and I have plenty to do : sleep, nap, Labradors, reading, knitting, TV etc , so I like to think I am alone, rather than sad and lonely. I am too tired to go oDivergence_i_am_sureut all the time and I am reduced to eating weird concoctions made from whatever food I happen to have!!!! Yesterday I rested again and then ACMA rang to invite me for tea, as her family were leaving to go back to Macau. I was glad I had done little or nothing for the previous 3 days so I was able to muster up a soupcon of enthusiasm and I went. There were prawns and chicken wings and a Jamie salad with avocado and then passionfruit and peach semi-freddo with strawberries. ( I made it last year and ACMA pulled it magically from her freezer!!)

It was a very convivial evening. We played an excellent game called Flounder, a kind of evil version of Beetle. It was very good even though I lost terribly!!!

What is happening with my Night-time in the North Scarf? I have knitted about the same amount as I had already done, and it is diverging. I was sure I had used 3.25mm needles, just like the wool label called for, but now I have the horrible feeling that I might have used 2.75mm.  Now I am in a quandary – should I unravel or just hope for the best and block? Foolishly, I didn’t write down the needle size. Surely I would have been guided by the wool label?? You think??? Maybe I knit more loosely when it is hot? This could be the case, it has been hot and when I compare the beginning with where I am up to now, they aren’t actually empirically different. It is a mystery. It could just be an optical illusion. I hPeri_very_smellyope….

Peri rolled in something unmentionable yesterday. She was so smelly I didn’t want  her near me. At All. For All Day. She, of course, was most upset and just wanted to be included in everything. She stole Harki’s toy and tried to sidle up to me at every opportunity. I didn’t have the energy to be able to bath her, so she went into the paddle pool and that really helped. This morning the smell is gone. Harki has been playing with her fish in a plastic bag. It is almost at the end of its useful life.

  ‘False Impression’ : Ok to bad. ‘Seven Ancient Wonders’ : good to very good!! I read it yesteHarki_and_unnemorday morning and it was a jolly good tale a la Indiana Jones, but with an Aussie hero at last. I am a very fast reader. I read incredibly fast. I devour books. These two are both back in the Library already and I have 3 new books, a whole YA series, by William Nicholson.

Chocolate Recipe #4

Chocolate Cherry Rounds

  • 125g butter

  • 2 cups icing sugar

  • 60ml cream

  • 2 cups coconut

  • 100 g red glace cherries, chopped , more if you like ( I do!!)

  • red/pink food colouring , cherry flavouring – optional

  • 200g good dark eating chocolate, melted

Melt the butter and cream and then stir in the sugar, coconut and cherries. Add some colouring and extra flavour if you like, then refrigerate till set. Cut into cubes or roll into balls and dip into the chocolate. Refrigerate again till set. Makes about 35. These taste a tiny bit like a commercially sold cherry and coconut chocolate bar.



The scarf does look a bit wider at the top. It may be that you have used different needles.

We bathed our dog "Patches" this morning as she's been infested by the dreaded fleas for the 1st time in about 5 years.



My little dog, Benson used to do that, only he'd come looking for me trying to see how "proud" I was of him! HA! Only trouble was he was a long haired honey coloured maltese/aussie terrier cross! The smell...pheuuu! God love him.
hope you feel better soon, and the 4paws become self cleaning...

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