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I_can_see_you Our Menu Today consists of thinly sliced celery, plump white rice, all gently poached in a broth of prawn heads and tails and served with some dry food accompaniment!!! This is the most delicious of meals if you are a Labrador.  I saved the liquid too and poured it over their breakfast and they are devouring it at twice the speed of Labrador Eating : Mach 42.  It is by far the most wonderful thing they have ever eaten, the say!!!

Yesterday was not too hot for words, but from early this morning it has been heating up to hellish proportions. There is a Total Fire Ban State-wide and it will be at least 37*C in Hobart – a little cooler here I hope. There are already bushfires burning and they expect more to start. Bushfires are our worst threat her. We don’t really have giant hail storms or all-engulfing floods, Any_quilt_any_time_any_where_peri well not since early last last century when they built the levies. It is really hard to type as Harki and Peri are both here butting me with their heads to be patted and telling me how they enjoyed their food. Peri is carrying her dish away somewhere safe to lick it all clean.

I have closed all the curtains and opened windows a little to let in any cool breezes that might come. The BOM has predicted that we will have thunderstorms tonight. Hooray!!!

Peri has been helping me photograph my knitting and Harki has been our Look Now_it_looks_more_even Out. The weirdness of knitting has prevailed and now my scarf has evened out. It looks the same width all the way up now. I took the last photo from a BEV, the same as this one. How can this happen? It is one of the mysteries of knitting.

Because I am hot and the heat makes me feel bad when it comes on top of everything else, I have been catching up on TV Big Time. I am up to a fortnight ago. I am in the middle of watching Gilmore Girls. This is such a cool show : the dialogue is riveting, the repartee Tracy and Hepburn-like (too lazy to find a link - you know who they are!!) and the characters amusingly quirky.  I will stall soon, as I will come to the double episode of Carnivale from last Sunday. You have to watch this carefully and with concentration. I think there might be another Monk too!!!

Chocolate Recipe #5

White Christmas Truffles

  • 250g glace fruit, chopped

  • 300g good eating white chocolate

  • 15g butter

  • ½ cup icing sugar

  • 160g nuts, chopped

Melt the butter and chocolate gently.  Stir in all the other ingredients and refrigerate till it is set. Roll into balls and keep in the fridge. Makes about 20 and these are particularly delicious!!.



Oh, Cin, you really do spoil those girls, you really do!! :)

I am also melting in this heat and the tennis is making me hotter.


I love the gilmore girls, trouble is I keep missing it, the last 2 weeks in fact, and both double episodes. This show, for me, is a "buy the box set". I keep looking out for it, but it doesn't seem to be here yet. The other "BTB set" that I really truely really want is the BBC's "As time goes by", 'cos I'm just an ol sentimentalist at heart, and Dame Judy Rocks! (or Rock on, as Rocky would say!).
Phew it looks hot down there Cindy, Mum and Dad live in Latrobe Valley in Vic, and the town next to them has been evacutated due to the fires. Stay cool, 'kay?


You're very brave entering the Knitting CG. Especially with a pattern of your own design!
Your scarf Spaniel socks are looking great too, hope the weather is more to your liking today.

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