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Things What I Cannot Do

I cannot follow a pattern. Despite my apparent proficiency, I managed to add a whole other knit row intoOne_spaniel_sock  the Feather and Fan pattern in the Spaniel Socks. I realised this after talking to Katie about Selma and taking a good look at the pattern chart. Pride cometh before a fall. I was 20 rows from the toe decreases. I would have had to undo the WHOLE sock. I had tried it on and it fitted and fortuitously I had only done 5 pattern repeats ( 65 rows) instead of 6 (78 rows). The original 12 row pattern would have given me 72 rows and as I have short legs the length of the leg was OK. In the end I capitulated to laziness and apathy and decided I would just knit the other sock exactly the same and even though it was wrong I had invented the Feather and Fan Variation 1 Pattern. I have finished one Spaniel Sock despite the heat and a headache. It is 28*C inside here and there is no breeze to be had.

I cannot tell mulberry juice from an accidental injury. Harki was lying on her side and I glanced at her and then quickly took a better look as I thought there was an horrific injury to her side. I had a slight Mulberry_incident_on_harki panic until I looked more closely and realised she had been sleeping in the shade of the giant Mulberry tree that grows as part of the fence line between my nice next door neighbour and us. I breathed a big sigh of relief and gave her a big pat, and Peri too, just in case.

I cannot be let near the account settings of my email . I had a back up ISP email account but all that came of late was Spam. I hate Spam, even though it goes into the Spam folder and I can delete it. I feel sullied by Spam. So using all my inexpertise I deleted the account on the internet and in my Account/Tools Outlook thing. Then I coudn't receive any email. At all. Ever. I could send it to my heart's content, but receive it? No way. I had to ring the Help and Support line and apologise profusely to the man and he fixed it for me while I typed with one finger and my tongue sticking out. I had to wait 30 minutes and then it would be fixed. It was. Hooray for the H&S man!!!

I cannot look trendy. My friend, Milly's mother, gave me a lovely cloisonne hanger thingy that attInstantly_unfashionable_accessory_1aches to   your mobile. Now I have my new second hand mobile ( through my position of the bottom of the mobile food chain in my family. It goes My Niece, My Sister, My Mother....Me) and I have been able to attach the dingly accessory to my phone. Despite my best intentions, it just looks like a have a dingly thing on the side of my mobile. I expect they are about to be immediately unfashionable!!!!!

I cannot afford the yarn I need want would like to have. There is a new online yarn shop in Australia : Yarn Online, and they have Cascade 220 , which is the yarn for The Perfect Sweater at Mason-Dixon Knitting. I have been following its evolution from the beginning. I will use some trusty wool fron The Bendigo Mill and it will be fine!!! But, oh, there are so many shades of Cascade 220 green, and it is Cascade, and I am originally from the land of Cascade. We had picnics at The Waterworks near The Cascade when I was small.

I cannot escape the heat......

Six Stuff

Soon_to_be_socks_soon_my_precious I am eyeing off my last ball of sock yarn : Lana Grossa Cotton Maya. I think I want to make the Pomatomus Socks from Winter Knitty. They look very shelly and complicated. They have a lot of charts, with detailed instructions : Hooray!! I think my yarn looks commensurate with the yarn in the photo. I have given in on the Spaniel Socks and decreases the 6 stitches. I couldn't help myself. I will increase them again at the heel. I only have 2 pattern repeats to go and the pattern is easy to remember and so I am almost there.

Today I didn't wake up till 9-55 am. I was still tired and I am resting this afternoon as I am off to a friend's 40th. She is not well, not weller than me, in fact. It will be a sedate affair with a lot of sitting down!!!!! ACMA and I bought some lovely Body Shop stuff and a sterling silver bracelet for her. I hope the bracelet gives sterling service!! I won't put a photo as it seems wrong for anyone to see it before she does.

The Labradors are hot. It is the Next Door Neighbour's birthday today as well, and so Peri has been at thePeri_and_her_bottle_with_harki fence all day, participating in the party vicariously!! She comes inside all hot and happy!! Harki has been in the paddle pool to keep cool. I am hot too. It is 26*C inside here with the barometer sitting half way between Change and Rain. I am hoping for both!!! Peri insists Harki play with her and Harki doesn't want to. Peri perseveres to little or no effect and then goes back to the party!!!

The Purling Ps have named this year 200socks. Just say it, go on!! Very amusing!!! You have to scroll down to here : 1/08/06 Two Thousand and Sox!!! as I can't make the individual post appear with its URL.

Next week, at the urging of Sandra D from the Knitting Coven, I will have a fortnight of Christmas Chocolate from 2005. The recipes are easy enough for an invalid ( me!!) to make yet scrumptious and spectacular enough as to appear produced by a chocolatier. I have not eaten them as I can't have chocolate, but I have had experts (ACMA for one) tasting for me and giving their opinions!!! It is positive!!!!

I have lost my best pair of prescription sun glasses. I may have left them at The Madcages. I have to wear my back up pair because they are away at Bellingham till later next week. I don't like them.....the glasses, not The Madcages!!!

The Sockinator

Feather_and_fan_scallops_you_cant_eat Somebody Sock Stop Me!!! I can't stop starting socks. It is all you can knit in the heat, and right now even though the Weather Pixie says it is 15*C it is 25 inside the house. Also, knitting socks is something to take my mind of myself. I have started the Lacy Scallops Feather and Fan socks. They are in Opal Prisma and they are beautiful. Crocheted Cast on? Smasted on!! I just cast on in other sock yarn and then knitted the next row with the 'real' yarn and then cut it off when I made the picot edging.  It works perfectly well !!! I name these socks The Spaniel Socks. The dog my mum and dad had when they moved into their new house, when dad came home from the Korean war, was a brainless cocker spaniel called Scallops. He ate all the washing on the line and was generally a menace to everything!!! He was before my time, but I have seen photographs of him!! These socks are quite 'firm' shall we say, and there is soon the decreasing of 6 stitched to be attempted. After Katie's experience, I think I will ignore the pattern and just go along happily with my normal favourite sock pattern, the one I cobbled together, that fits me!!!  I think this should work quite well.The Knitting Coven is ordering new sock wool soon. We are all ankle deep in anticipation!!!

What didn't work quite well was my attendance at my specialist doctor's appointment. I forgot: totally and utterly forgot. They rang to see what was wrong. In over 5 years I have never missed one appointment. I am mortified, but I have had a lot of other health-related things on my mind, and I just forgot!! Today I had to have my port flushed and we hoped to get enough for a blood test, but no joy and we had to find the one vein in my arm and use that. They give me some local when they stick the needle into my port, and that's great, but now it has worn off, and because it is up near my collar bone and in my neck, I will have to lie 47 different ways in bed to try and avoid the sore points!!! I have to make up my appointment next Tuesday!!Peri_has_a_long_cardboard_inner_tube

Peri has been playing with a long card tube from inside wrapping paper. She runs into everything while she is carrying it. The Madcages sent The Labradors 2 old tennis balls, so Harki has been giving them equal turns at being thrown with her Squeaky Christmas Ball.  We were lucky to have a walk as I was very tired and puffed out this morning and didn't wake up till 8-45am!!! It was a slow walk today.

Sharon has easy peasy percentage bars for her knitting, and a link, but I can't make it work. So Sharon is cool, and by default, I am once again the antithesis of cool  : "Anti-Cool!!!

I did have 3 dogs during the Vundy, Harki, Peri crossover between March 2002, and Feb 2003 when Vundy The German Shepherd went to Dog Heaven. 3paw just doesn't have the same punny attributes that 2paw does.

If you see me starting a new pair of socks - stop me. I still have a ball of cotton Lana Grossa left and the night is only middle aged......

I am the Anti-Cool and the number of the Anti-Cool is .......

The_chameleon_sock_can_you_see_it I am so uncool

, Katie has dubbed me The Anti-Cool, and I think the number of the Anti-Cool is 2. 13 would be great, all those connotations, and it is the number of our house. 42 would be great as well, all that Hitchhikers’ Guide stuff. Even A Bazillion a la Angelica and the Babies. But 2 : 2’s boring and so uncool. That’s the number for me.

The Anti-Cool takes a picture of the first Chameleon Sock on an old


manilla folder and that’s it. I might crop a little and add a title, but nothing else. A cool person might take a photo of the sock camouflaged on a plethora of photos of said sock ( Can you see it???) Or is that just what the Anti-Cool think the Cool might do?

It is so confusing, no wonder I was part of no peer group at school. I was in a peer grouping all of my own. I wore the clothes my mother bought me, stayed home and studied to achieve high marks like the uncool girl swot I was am. Not much has changed!!

Harki played with a plastic bottle, running up and down the stairs outside to fetch it, for 45 minutes this morning. She is nothing if not dedicated. Peri napped and slept and napped again!!!

Vogue has a new Knitting Magazine : knitsimple ( with no capital!!!!)

Weathering the Days....

Today we are all tired from the heat and the outing yesterday. but mainly the heat. Thankfully during the evening the weather broke, though not in the house, so there was a little sleep, but relief from the incessant temperatures this morning. It even rained a bit. The Labradors had a walk in the rain, well, some big drops, and we went to the supermarket and bought some food for them. I think they are recovering from Peri's birthday!!!! I am drinking the smoky tarry goodness that is Lapsang Souchong Tea, thanks to the fact that Suzi found it repugnant. It is an acquired taste!!!

Am I obsessed with the weather? Yes, I think I am!! Because it affects my health, I am always interested in the weather. Thanks to Sharon because she, and the others, told me how to add the Weather Pixie. The weather is read at the Airport, but it is in our city, so I'm chuffed!!! I am thinking of fixing my Categories, now I understand better how they work. I need fewer, with headings like:

  • Knitting : Socks, Scarves etc
  • Knitting : Jumpers, Cardigans etc
  • Knitting : Other
  • The Knitting Coven
  • The Weather
  • The Labradors, of course,
  • Sewing
  • Craft
  • Food and Drink
  • Books

Opal_chameleon_socks_can_you_see_them What else do I need?? I shall mull it over and then tackle the daunting task by doing just one month at a time. I think that should make the job a lot easier.

I have started the Opal Chameleon Socks and I love them. The yarn is great and the colours very chameleon-like. I want the Opal people to make Yarn for each Season - named Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring, and also Sign of the Zodiac Sock Wool. I want to start these Feather and Fan socks next, Katie kindly sent me the link. ACMA had 68 pairs of socks, and that is after she threw out any boogelly pairs. I can't rival that, but soon I will have 5 hand knitted pairs of my own. When will it be cool enough to wear them???

Happy Birthday Peri Naughty!!!!!

Happy_4th_birthday_peri_pumpkin Happy Birthday Peri!! Peri is 4 today!! She is such a big girl now and not Peri Naughty all the time ( though I came home to find one of my green walking tPeris_birthday_petite_dejeunerhe dog Colorado boots at the back gate – not chewed up!!)

They had a present this morning : it’s every Labrador’s birthday every day!! – and they had special breakfast with yoghurt on top and a sprig of celery. It was very yummy.

This afternoon there was a present from Aunty Suzi at the Knitting Coven that met today. The picture shows Harki and Peri running to choose one each. Knitting Venue #1 was under contruction, so we had a quick change to Venue #2 where they turned on the air con at Katt’s request.  There were brows perspiring all around. Harki_shares_a_birthday_breakfast It was humid and hot. I needed 2 pots of tea. Sharon had some new Opal Chameleon, and now I have some too. : it is so green She has been knitting up the Dory colour way. Cathy was knitting a jumper, Suzi some anklet  mini-socks from the new Yarn Magazine and we all showed what we had knitted since Christmas.  Thanks_aunty_suzi_for_the_presents_1 Then we all almost expired from the heat again -  it was 100% humidity today. . I have finished one Jaywalker sock and  I’m loving it. I made is shorter than I normally do, just for a change, and it is perfect. The length is right, the size is right – it hugs my foot lovingly!!! I am on the leg/home stretch of the last Wizard sock too. Now, of course, I want to knit with the Chameleon. I might have to start that tonight…..

Apart from the heat, that is all there is to tell. We are sweltering, and it is overcast and gloomy. It seems worse, somehow, when there is no Sun : as if we are cocooned in a cotton wool world of insidious heat.

Tonight it is the last of the Old Dr Whos : Sylvester McCoy, and there are only 38 ( 42 really but the Jaywalker_trevallyn_ranger ABC can’t show the Dalek episodes) episodes left – that’s 19 days, or 4 weeks. Then Dr Who is over, kaput, fini, at an end.  There is the New DR Who, with Christopher Eccleston and the even newer regeneration of David Tennant, so I can’t really complain.  Dr Who is excellent, and as soon as it is cooler I am starting my Dr Who knitting, really!!!! I am!!!!

I can't wear my sock anymore, it is too hot. It is too hot to even lie in the cool anywhere - there is no cool : Ah a more true observation about my blog was never made. I am the Anti-Cool!!!

Twistin' by the Pool

Blue_skies_shinin_on_me_nothing_but_blue Too hot too hot : all last night and today. We had Mr Cooly cooling all night and until about 10 when I finally got up. We have filled the paddle pool and played with the hose. Peri has run about inside and out all wet. Harki has to be coaxed into the pool with a submersible toy. She does like to eat the water from the hose : she bites at it. Her favourite toy today was a stick that became progressively more a bundle of twigs tied togetheAction_shot_harki_and_her_bundle_of_sticr with twine.

I haven’t eaten at all yet. I’m just not hungry but I have a headache so I figure some pink eyes might help. They are boiling gently now, and I will make a dressing with oil, vinegar and some mustard and sugar and pour that over while they are hot. This seems to make the flavour really soak in.

A_very_wet_peri On the sock front I am just about at the toe. Boy, are the Jaywalkers tight. I read somewhere if you could fit your balled fist into the sock, that matched the size of your ankle, and that worked fine, but I have an incredibly high instep. They will stretch with wear, I keep telling myself!! Once they are on, they are fine, but I might knit the foot a little longer than normal to add a little extra ‘give’.

Tonight Carnivale Season 2 starts, and even though I know it was cancelled, it will still be excellent!!! Tomorrow some semblance of normality returns to the ABC Radio, with the local people back. I hope there will be proper AM, The World Almost_to_the_toe Today and PM. How I long for Current Affairs……….. I have finished both the Alex Shearer books, they were great. I have Scarf Style to pick up from the Library early in the week , but I need more books to read!!!

The Day after the Days of Christmas!!!

ACMA if you are These_jays_are_made_for_walkinreading this – I am sorry for being such an Indian Giver!! I gave you your socks and then snatched them straight back to take to the Knitting Coven on Tuesday!! Glad it’s Summer and too hot for sock wearing.

There is Sock-age: my Jay walkers, I am up to starting the heel. This yarn has a pattern repeat of about 7 cm. That is quite a lot really. I am glad I like a short top to the sock and have small feet – there might otherwise not be matching happening!!

                             : my second Wizard sock, which is toe up so I am a bit along the foot.

I found that despite the ease of the Crocheted Cast on, there is no ease of unravelling, but I picked up the stitches onto my needle and then , very carefully, cut the contrast yarn and picked it out. It worked a treat. I have less fear of the CCO now!!!  Although I cannot apologise more sincerely for the terrible photo. I am pants at taking close-ups. I know I should read the Blurry_crocheted_cast_on_joining book, but I’ve not got round to doing it!!!

The Labradors are again hiding from the heat. It is hot again today, though cooler inside and there is a breWizard_sock_toeeze of sorts too!! Harki has a new toy that is jingly and can be tug-or-war as well. It had a sever playing with from both Labradors for 20 minutes, but now they are both inside asleep. I am about to have a nap, Peri is already in bed, and Harki will soon follow me!!!

Here is the Knitters’ Review Review. It is quite interesting and now I understand why the Knit Pixie people had to change their name!!!!

I am reading Bootleg by Alex Shearer. This book inspired the TV Show, and I plan to read all his books now.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas....

Acmas_noel_socks_these_sockers_are_finis_1Take down all your deccos, the tree, cards : everything. It is the Last Day of Christmas.

This bears thinking about: if 74 people died over a fortnight from the Bird Flu, or shark attacks there would be National outrage and Governmental action immediately. But, apparently, if these deaths are from car crashes, we just nod sagely, and keep on driving….

Today I have felt not very well, I have had over 3 hour’s worth of sleep and I have a headache and the virus from November is still rearing its ugly head.  I accidentally slept just now, I went to lie down and then slept right through the Test win.

I walked The Labradors this morning  and then sat on the couch and knitted or slept. I have finished the Noel Socks for Aunty Captain Mrs Archer, and lovely they are too. The sock yarn was beautiful to knit and the striping pattern lovely and they are matchlessly matched all the way!!

Katies_crocheted_cast_on_1  Thank you to Katie, who sent me a link for a crocheted cast on. I have used it to start the second Wizard Sock – Falling Leaves from . The casting on Falling_leaves_the_toe_via_short_rows_is was very easy and I hoped to finish the toe and have a picture of it, but the headache won the race.  There, I have been to the Chemist for big, powerful tablets that should work soon.....